To those who have been following my blog for several years, I no longer have to introduce Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon.

No matter how busy I am, every year I try to bring Walda a visit during one of the house’s open days, in summer or in winter. Even after numerous visits, I still love to let myself immersed into the atmosphere of Walda’s charming and cozy home, that is filled with decorative items, antique furnishings and not to forget the wonderful flower arrangements. Walda is a master in choosing, arranging and creating the most simple bouquets.

Walda’s style is unique and authentic and she absolutely loves to mix a subdued, neutral basic colour palette with other colourful details.

Violet, lavender, deep plum, orange and poison green are her favourite colours to brighten up a room.

It’s always a pleasure to visit Walda. She is such a gracious and charming lady! And her personal settings and creations keep inspiring me.

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Today I like to share some pictures I took of Walda’s home during last Sunday’s visit.

Bright colours seen throughout all rooms of the house.

Antique furnishings and decorative items are wonderful displayed.

Simple bouquets with flowers picked from the garden.

Walda has an eye for grouping things together.

Pots of jam displayed on the kitchen isle.

That cute guy is inviting us to taste the home made jam.

View from the kitchen towards the breakfast area in the garden.

My eyes were drawn to that charming antique garden ladder, displayed on a wall in the orangery. A piece of art!

Different hues of green.

View from the living room towards the garden.

Walda knows exactly how to create the perfectly balanced home interior vignettes.

The designer has always had a weak for antique and authentic crosses and crucifixes.

It is a pleasure to walk in the garden and to enjoy all the beautiful stills Walda has created.

Even in the garden Walda loves to work with colourful details using bright colours as violet and lavender.


I cherish a deep respect and admiration for Walda as, even after all these years, she is still finding joy of life in creating interiors with a soul.

To see more of Walda’s work, please visit her website WWW.WALDAPAIRON.BE

Wishing you a all a nice weekend!



All photos by me, in courtesy of Walda Pairon