It was already getting darker as we walked through the lane towards Walda’s house to receive our annual dose of   inspirational Christmas decoration.

Every year, the date of the winter open house at the home of Walda Pairon, is definitely listed in my calendar.

Since 1985 Walda has thrown open the doors of her home in Kalmthout, near Antwerp. Nowadays she is assisted by her son Raphaël, who works in the design business.

Entering the property, we were attracked by the charming shed where Walda’s son and garden designer Mikael Pairon presented his flower creations together with a beautiful collection of terracotta pots and planters.

19The charming shed where visitors discover the beautiful creations and the collection of terracotta planters, presented by Mikael Pairon.

1 The Christmas tree at the entrance of Walda’s house.


Year after year, Walda succeeds in decorating several Christmas trees through the house, in her very personal and exceptional way, which are a treat for the eyes!

As this ‘all white’ decorated tree, standing in one of my favorite spaces in the house of Walda, the glass-ceilinged orangery. An inviting place to sit, definitely at this time of the year.

8Christmas tree standing in full glory in the orangery.

Let us take a closer look at the beautiful settings, which the designer created in her typical style.

Walda loves to bring in color in her interiors and uses orange, red, green and lavender in harmony with the neutral and earthy tones of the walls as the perfect backdrop.

6Richly covered table with a silk tablecloth.

9Touches of lavender.

4Christmas in the living room. Notice the green and purple tones here. The white fireplace contrasts well with the room’s green painted walls.


3Walda mixes antique items with new glass candles and globes.

I do love the display of silverware here that contrasts well with the dark stained table.

Notice the fur cushions under the table!



More Christmas vignettes in the home.


11Candles and pots grouped together in the orangery’s kitchen.

13I was totally smitten by these beautiful covered chairs around Walda’s kitchen table!

2Antique garment as a decorative item!

14Beautiful damask table cloth. Antique Venetian doge chair with authentic leather upholstery.

15The cross on the fireplace mantle is designed by Walda and is composed of buttons.

If you are an antique lover, you will enjoy the antique furniture and decorative items which are all for sale.


(All pictures by me)

I would love to thank Walda and her husband Roger, her sons Raphaël and Mikael for their warm welcome and hospitality.

If you live nearby or in case you visit Belgium the next days, you still have the opportunity to admire Walda’s work next weekend December 6 – 7- 8, from 11 am to 7 pm.

You shouldn’t miss it !

For more information :


Kapellensteenweg 544
B-2920 Kalmthout

Tel. +32 (0) 3 666 74 17

e-mail : giardini@myoffice.mobistar.be


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