Dear readers,

Hope you all enjoy this fall season!

As we had a kind of late summer weather the past few days here in Belgium, we decided to start preparing our garden for winter.

We stored the garden furniture and my husband trimmed all hedges and already pruned our espalier plane trees.

It is really nice to see everything cleaned up!

Almost ready for winter.


My husband started trimming hedges early in the morning.


Pruning the espalier plane trees.


Quite long branches!


Off we go to the container park with the garden waste!


All hedges trimmed.

That magical autumn light!

Straight lines.

From straight to curved.

 Cleaned up!

Even the orchard hedges are trimmed. Pruning the fruit trees will follow later of course.


Although some rose bushes are already pruned, there are still some of our roses blooming, such as the Baronne de Rothschild Rose and our Snow Whites.

Pruned Aspirin Roses alongside the garden path.

One of the still blooming Baronne de Rothschild roses.

And our still blooming Snow Whites.

It feels like reminiscing about the summer seeing the Snow Whites through our kitchen window.


I wanted to end this post with a picture of one of our lemon trees that continues giving fruit in autumn.


Enjoy this gorgeous season!




All pictures by me.