Dear readers,

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve shared a post, but it are really crazy weeks for me as I’m very busy working on client projects, which either have to be finished this year or have to be started early next year.

So I definitely wanted to say hello to you all by telling you briefly about those projects.

Saying hello from our home.     Picture by me

Our company Lefèvre Interiors has been commissioned to make a preliminary study of the interior design of an 18th century Belgian presbytery.
So I am in the middle of the preparation and I am searching for the perfect style to bring in our client’s beautiful home, taking into account all the gorgeous authentic elements of this listed Belgian monument.

Here are 2 pictures I would love to use as inspiration to express my ideas to our client.

Dining room in the neoclassical style. Realization by Lefèvre Interiors.    Photo credit Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus Publishing

Entrance of a presbytery style home.     Photo credit Claude Smekens Photography 


Another project I am working on, is a kitchen that has to be realized in the spring of next year. It is always nice and useful to discuss design ideas with our clients on the base of a mood board. Even the smallest details, such as all hardware (very important detail !), are already presented to our client, because nowadays we do have to deal with uncontrolled delivery times.

Of this kitchen I shared one of my mood boards and below you can see a detail of one of our realized kitchens.

Kitchen mood board – by Lefèvre Interiors

Kitchen design and execution by Lefèvre Interiors.     Picture by me


This kitchen for a client in France, and of which you can see a base plan here, is currently in production at the workshop. We have to do the installation at the end of this year.

Kitchen plan – by Lefèvre Interiors

In the meantime, the kitchen space at our client’s site is in full preparation.

Kitchen space in preparation.     Photo via Lefèvre Interiors


Another project that also needs to be realized this year, is a panelled room in a listed building in Belgium. In consultation with the architect and the client, we have searched for a beautiful whole, where even a more contemporary panelling goes hand in hand with the beautiful authentic elements that are present, such as the ceiling that has been completely restored.

Mood board for a panelled room – by Lefèvre Interiors

Production plan of the panelling – Restoration of the ceiling at the client’s site.     Pictures by Lefèvre Interiors


I do hope that with this post you have a better idea of what my daily job consists of.

Once the realization of these projects is finished, I will come back to you, sharing more pictures.

Saying hello from our garden.     Picture by me


Talk to you soon! And please do not forget to enjoy these beautiful fall days!


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