Dear friends and readers,

 Christmas is fast approaching! And probably most of you are already preparing this year’s Christmas decor.

Every year I take some time to search for the most inspiring styling tips and eye-catching decor ideas, from lush trimmings to elegant table settings.

Today I do hope to inspire you with this post about Christmas decorations I love.

First of all I would love to thank all the people who have given me their permission to share with you here today one of their gorgeous Christmas decor creations.


To help you get into the Christmas spirit, I wanted to start this post with a picture I took last year at wine bar Markt 30 in Oudenaarde, Belgium. The Christmas decor was done by our talented interior decorator Koen Eeckhout. One of the most appealing Christmas decors I had seen in a long time. More of this decor is to see on the Instagram page of Koen Eeckhout HERE.

Window sill full of bulbs at wine bar Markt 30, Oudenaarde. (2021)     Picture by me

Next picture here of another eye-cathing Christmas decor I took last year at the historic Sint-Janshospitaal in Damme, Belgium. This decor was styled by Belgian florist Frederiek Van Pamel. Once again this year the internationally renowned floral artist will honour Sint-Janshospitaal and adjoining buildings with a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas decor at the historic Sint-Janshospitaal in Damme. (2021)     Picture by me

This picture is one of my favorites. I got this from a long-time followed and favorite Instagram account by the Italian Luisa M. Calmonte. I just love the atmosphere with the Christmas greenery decoration in front of this antique mirror at the home of Luisa.

Source Instagram page of  Luisa M. Calmonte

Very simple Christmas vignette, but so beautiful! By the talented Swedish stylist Anna Truelsen and photographed by Carina Olander.

Source Instagram page of Carina Olander      Photo credit Carina Olander

I do love the idea of a single branch of Nobilis seen on the backside of a cabinet door. By Daniel of Swedish Style Interior.

Source Instagram page of Swedish Style Interior

A vignette with greenery and citrus fruits. Always a nice combination.

Source Instagram page of Mozaika_le_do

Elegant Christmas mantel decor by Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon.

Home of Walda Pairon     Picture by me

In love with this very refined creation by the talented Portuguese florists Gustavo and Tiago of Bosque Conceitos Florais.

Source Instagram Page of Bosque Conceitos Florais     Floral design by Bosque Conceitos Florais     Photo credit Tiago Bettancourt

Interior designer Annie of Euro Trash draped this stair railing in lush mixed greenery with tufts of magnolia branch. Fabulous!

Source Instagram page of Eurotrashannie

 I have a weakness for the hand crafted and painted glass decorations that Cotswolds based art & home store Catesbys offers every year again. They bring such a nostalgic feelings of Christmas in my childhood. For their full range of glass bulbs and ornaments, please take a look at their online shop HERE.

Source Instagram page of Catesbys


Let’s take a look at the Christmas tree!

There are several ways to make a statement with a Christmas tree, depending on the style of the house. Very often a Christmas tree in a country cottage will be decorated differently than a Christmas tree put up in a city home. The images here show trees decorated more lush versus rather subdued.

I absolutely love this striking setting with a small Christmas tree decorated with only candles by Victoria Davar of Maison Artefact.

Source Instagram page of Maison Artefact

And OMG, love the atmosphere in this room too! Awesome decorated Christmas tree by David Lawson Design specialized in the design and installation of show-stopping Christmas decor! To see more of David’s stunning Christmas trees and decorations, please visit David Lawson’s instagram page HERE.

Source Instagram page of David Lawson Design

Gorgeous setting also here ! A more lush decorated Christmas tree by Zara Home.

 Photo shoot at the home of Belgian architect François-Xavier Van Damme.    Photo credit Frederik Vercruysse for Zara Home

Every year again I am so excited to see all the Christmas trees put up at the home of Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon. This is one of the Christmas trees Walda put up in the orangery of her home a few years ago and that is still one of my favorites. For those who are interested, Walda is holding open house days on November 25-26-27 and December 2-3-4.

Photo shoot at the home of Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon.    Photo credit Claude Smekens Photography

Another Christmas tree I love, is this tree put up at a Belgian country holiday cottage and decorated by stylist Magda De Smet.

Photo credit Claude Smekens Photography

This is the Christmas tree I put up in our living room last year. Actually, I don’t know yet in which room I will put up our tree this year.

Our home     Picture by me


Coming up with new ideas for your Christmas table setting? A challenge, every year again, isn’t it?! Those of you who have been following my blog for a long time will undoubtedly have seen a lot of my Christmas table settings.

These table settings caught my eye and I do hope they will inspire you!

I wanted to start with this informal, casual, gorgeous table setting by London based antiques dealer Julia Boston. This inviting table and setting perfectly express the Christmas atmosphere I do love. Gathering around the Christmas table, socializing with friends and family in a most relaxed way.  Just fabulous!!!

Source Instagram page of Julia Boston Antiques

What do you think of this festive table setting by Miranda of Maison Fête? An antique ‘service de table’ by Boch, decorated in green garland borders. Love that green bow too! If you don’t know Maison Fête yet, please go over to their shop HERE. Miranda offers incredibly beautiful pieces of antiques. She has an eye for beauty and the posts on her Instagram page are to swoon over!

Source Instagram page of Maison Fête     Styling and photography by Miranda, owner of Maison Fête

This stunning styled Christmas table by Hannah and Kate of CharlesTed Interiors is also one of my favorites. To see more of the Christmas dining table accessories Hannah and Kate have to offer, please click HERE.

Source Instagram page of CharlesTed Interiors     Photo credit Lucy Dalzell Photography

Thinking about a red and white Christmas decor? Then you will definitely love these stark white and deep red accents. Table styled by Bosque Conceitos Florais.

Source Instagram page of  Bosque Conceitos Florais     Floral design by Bosque Conceitos Florais     Photo credit Tiago Bettancourt

Next table setting I found on one of my favorite Instagram accounts. A last year’s Christmas table at Château Marcellus, a unique B&B château in the region of Bordeaux, France. For those who love historical 18th C. châteaux, this Instagram account should be listed under your favorites!

Source Instagram page of Château Marcellus     Photo credit Sofie Paradise

I always like to see how the Scandinavian people set their table for Christmas. They absolutely have an eye for Christmas decorations, as the Swedish Lisa of Faggemala1912. I do love the idea of having the same colored candles seen on the table as on the chandelier! If you would love to see how Lisa built up the table’s centerpiece, please click HERE.

Source Instagram page of Faggemala1912

Detail of a gorgeous traditional Christmas table setting with red and greens by Lindsay of Country Girl Home. So beautiful!

Source Instagram page of Country Girl Home

I would love to introduce you to Ladychef Lieselotte, one of our Belgian caterers and owner of Mosa Mosa Catering, a take-away and catering club offering the most delicious dishes for all your events. Such a warm and inviting table and what a cozy atmosphere here! Casual and cozy. ‘Come on in and join us at the Christmas table!’ Love the foodstyling seen here too! If you would love to discover Lieselotte’s Christmas menu, please click HERE.

Source Instagram page of  Mosa Mosa Catering     Photo credit Isabelle Vermeersch


Christmas present wrapping

I stumbled upon this picture of beautiful wrapped Christmas presents seen in the Nov/Dec 21 issue of the Magazine My French Country Home, by blogger Sharon Santoni. If you are not familiar with the magazine yet, please pop over to the website HERE. You will not be disappointed! To subscribe to the magazine, click HERE . To see more of My French Country Home present wrapping, please click HERE.

Source My French Country Home Magazine     Photo credit Eve Cardi


Christmas gift ideas

I couldn’t resist to share this gorgeous gift idea for horse and dog lovers! A horse blanket by Feston Tailors, a brand for luxury horse and dogwear.

Source Instagram page of Feston Tailors     Photo credit Laurien De Grande

I just received my copy the gorgeous new book “A Sicilian Dream : Villa Elena” by Jacques Garcia.

Villa Elena is a former monastery in southeast Sicily, that has been restored to its former glory by the talented and renowned French interior designer Jacques Garcia. In this book the magnificent salons decked with marble, stucco work, majolica tiles, silk, and velvet, are revealed for the first time. The photography by Bruno Ehrs is amazing! A ‘must have’ and the ideal Christmas gift for Italian baroque lovers.

Jacques Garcia “A Sicilian Dream : Villa Elena” – Editions Flammarion

For a unique and personalized gift, as this handmade candle in your favorite wine or champagne bottle, please go shopping at Les Bougies de Nathalie.

Source Instagram Page of Les Bougies de Nathalie.


 I would like to end this post with these outdoor Christmas decorations that both caught my eye.

I came across a lot of beautiful wreaths, but this one by UK florist Wild Frost Cafe caught my eye! Maybe it’s because we also have a dark painted front door and this kind of wreath with its reddish-orange touches would fit very well. To see more of Wild Frost Café’s stunning wreaths, please visit their Instagram page HERE.

Source Instagram page of Wild Frost Cafe

This kind of Christmas façade decoration is my favorite. Simply beautiful!

Picture by me – Gaetan Geraardsbergen


I do hope this post may have inspired you!

Wishing you all a lot of fun decorating your home for Christmas!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin!