Although it actually is a very busy time of the year, getting interior design projects finished just before summer holidays, we absolutely had to pay some attention to our garden. So every moment of our free time, was spent to do all kinds of gardening maintenance. Working in the garden is a good therapy to relax after some busy days.

I thought you might like to see some pictures of our garden so far.


Hydrangeas, oleander and a tiny olive tree on the garden terrace

Kir Royal climbing roses at their peak

Tiny grapes yet to see

Grapevine growing luxuriantly on the wall of our orangery

Lots of Aspirin roses bordering the garden path. Plane trees were pruned previous autumn and therefore the branches do need some more time to expand into a canopy that will spread out and cover the path.

Aspirin roses in front of our garden outbuilding

Great to see this Lupinus so very happy with its place in our garden!

Cherry tree in our orchard

Branches with ripening cherries

Own harvest tastes even much better. Delicious!

One of our apple trees

This picture  I took last week. Privet hedges definitely needed to be trimmed.

Yesterday my husband started trimming all of the garden hedges.

What a difference it makes!

Hedge before trimming

Hedge after trimming

Hedge before trimming

Hegde after trimming

Today I treated myself to a bouquet of roses from our garden. A mix of Aspirin roses, Madame Isaac Pereire roses, Honorine de Brabant roses and Ulrich Brunner roses.

Bouquet of roses in our living room

Enjoy your summertime !