Every year again I am looking forward to visit the home of Belgian interior designer Walda Pairon and to let myself be fully immersed into the atmosphere of Walda’s charming and cozy home, filled with decorative items, antique furnishings and wonderful flower arrangements.

Twice a year Walda opens her home in Kalmthout, near Antwerp, to the public. Whether you visit Walda’s home in summertime or in wintertime, you absolutely will enjoy Walda’s personal settings and creations adorned with surprising bursts of colours that are seasonally changed.

I posted about my earlier visits at Walda’s home here and here.

Only a few years ago, renowned interior design and lifestyle magazine MILIEU came to visit Walda at her home in Belgium and dedicated a great article to the doyenne of Belgian design. The magazine published gorgeous pictures of Walda’s home. Please go here to read.

For many years I am a frequent visitor to Walda’s home and again this year I wouldn’t miss a stop in Kalmthout. So last weekend my sister and I brought Walda a visit.

Walda Pairon

As no other, Walda knows how to turn a house into a charming and cozy home. Her style is unique and authentic, creating home interiors balanced in perfect harmony.

She loves to mix neutral basic colours with colourful details and isn’t afraid of bringing in the most quirkiest items.

When we entered the drive way of the property, we were welcomed by Walda’s son and garden designer Mikael Pairon, who was busy with maintenance jobs in the garden.

Mikael created the magnificent and lush garden.


Thank God, we finally had a sunny afternoon, after several days of really bad weather!


Even in the garden you already notice that Walda loves to work with colourful details and prefers to use bright colours as violet, lavender, deep plum and orange.


I loved the table and bench at the entrance of the house. So inviting!


The fuchsia cushion matches well with the colour of the displayed flowers.


There are so many beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets to see inside the home.

I cherish a deep respect and admiration for this lovely and charming lady, who, year after year, every day again, is finding joy of life in creating interiors with a soul.


Walda and I.


Neutral basic colours mixed up with hues of brighter colours.


 Glass hurricanes and candle sticks are displayed around the house.


A Japanese meditation stone displayed here as a decorative object.


Mix of everyday objects with quirky items.


 Walda is very skilled in creating the most wonderful home decor vignettes and has an eye for grouping things together.

Although, in today’s post, I am rather focusing on the flower arrangements and home decor vignettes of Walda’s hand, I have to give away that her home is filled with beautiful furnishings, antique pieces and decorative items. As this exceptional coffee table with a table top made of boards of a very old oak tree, resting on a pair of solid oak trestles.


Exceptional oak coffee table.


Detail of the coffee table. Linen upholstered, mahogany footstool.


The shelves in Walda’s kitchen are filled with daily life kitchen utensils, spices and herbs.


My eyes were drawn to that beautiful wooden chair.


Pops of colour again in the daily living room.


Objects of glass and silver plated tin are grouped together on the living room side table.


To create a connection between inside and outside and to bring in the green of the garden, Walda dared to paint the dining room walls in a more bright green. I have to admit that I do love the combination of the green walls with the plum table skirt.


Each flower arrangement is different and unique, a beautiful mix of flowers and greenery.


With attention to detail and in perfect harmony, Walda adds leafy twigs and green branches from her garden to all of her bouquets.


One of the many gorgeous bouquets.


This wooden sculpted goose was one of my favorite decorative items.

It’s always a pleasure to enter the glass-ceilinged conservatory and to discover how Walda has decorated the large table that has its permanent place in this room.


This time the designer had chosen for a table setting in hues of pink.


From flowers to candles, vases, glasses and table skirts, all have perfectly matched colours.


Cushions and throws enhance the cosiness and make of this room an inviting place to sit.


Display of decorative objects.


Walking in the garden, into the property’s shed, I discovered beautiful peonies awaiting to be arranged in bouquets.


A small bouquet ready to take home.


Mikael Pairon‘s collection of Tuscany terra-cotta planters is carefully displayed and some of them are filled with herbs and plants.

I wanted to end this post with a picture of a still life in Walda’s garden, I took years ago at one of my first visits.


I would love to thank Walda, her husband Roger, her sons Mikael and Rafaël for their hospitality and the nice moments and conversations we shared, sitting in the garden at the end of this lovely afernoon.

To see more of the work of Walda Pairon, please visit her website at




All pictures by me.