First of May today. Let’s celebrate this marvellous month of May!

Days become longer, it is getting sunnier, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the garden is growing.

The month of May is a celebration of flowers and as you might have noticed I am a person who can not live without flowers. To welcome May I tried to ‘flower up’ our home with touches of seasonal flowers.


A mix of Allium bulbs -Allium schubertii & Allium cristophii- and a Clematis integrifolia.

Clematis alpina.

Again here the Clematis integrifolia.

Besides Clematis, Gloriosa is also one of my favourite flower species.

Following three pictures show the Gloriosa superba Rotschildiana.

The Lilac flower (Syringa) with its wonderful fragrance can not be missed!

Syringa vulgaris and Allium cristophii.

I filled the tree trunk in our orangery with Asparagus plumosus fern, referring to the greenery in the garden.

As everything in the garden is growing well, I added some pictures here.

Love love love the blooming Wisteria at the side wall of our house.

Previous year we planted this tiny Lilac bush. I enjoy seeing that it is growing well.

I love the deep green of our Climbing Hydrangea leaves. So beautiful!

It won’t take that long anymore before the climbing ‘Kir Royal’ rose here on our terrace will start blooming.

I can’t wait to see all our old Bourbon roses, and Aspirin roses on both sides of the gravel path, blooming!

The plane trees are growing well and are on their way to create a kind of garden path roof.


Wishing you all a wonderful month of May!



All pictures by me