Do you enjoy this superb month of May as much as I do? I just love to walk in our garden every free moment and to take a look at all ongoing changes, and to see everything growing.

Since we moved to the country side a little over 10 years ago now and having created our garden completely by ourselves, starting from scratch, spending time in our garden is one of our most favourite pursuits. It brings us peace and calmness in today’s hectic life. The older I get, the more I enjoy nature and the more respect I bring to mother earth.

If you might be interested in my post about the evolution of our garden since start, please click here to read and see all about it.

At this time of the year, it is a real pleasure to walk into the garden and to watch all flowers, plants and trees growing and flowering.

Precious time indeed!

I am pleased to share with you a few pictures of our garden, I took yesterday.


Plane tree, surrounded by beech hedging, in front of our home.

Climbing hydrangea is finding its way to the garage wall.

I love the beautiful colour combination of the fresh and withered leaves.

I am always amazed to see how sudden and how fast the grape vine at the façade wall of our orangery starts to grow!

Can’t wait to see its wine fruit!

Again here the beautiful colour combination of fresh and withered beech hedge leaves.

And yes! Our peonies, one of my favorite flower species, yet started their way up.

Again this year our rose park looks already promising.

One of the 4 small apple trees around our garden outbuilding.

Entering our modest orchard.

Our orchard counts only a few fruit trees, but we are extremely happy with it.

‘Petite butterfly’ planted in a terrace pot.

I am glad to see that our rhododendrons are slowly recovering from last year’s extreme drought.

I will show you more of our garden in the upcoming weeks.

Yesterday’s magical evening light !



All pictures by me.