To those who have been following my blog for several years, I no longer need to introduce Walda Pairon, one of Belgium’s most influential interior designers.

For many years now, I have visited Walda at least once a year at the occasion of her open house days, held in summer or in winter season.

Even though her respectable age, Walda still succeeds in inspiring her visitors with the most wonderful furniture decorations, antiques and gorgeous flower arrangements! Her style is authentic and unique. She remains a master in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere and in turning a house into a home.

It is always a pleasure to meet Walda as she is a most gracious and charming lady. Even after numerous visits to her home, her personal settings and creations keep inspiring me.

“I always try to arouse and to optimise people’s sense of beauty.”, says Walda.

This year’s summer open house days were held previous weekend, and as every year again I took a lot of pictures. Today I would love to share with you some of my favourites.

Before entering Walda’s house I really like to enjoy some moments in the beautiful garden.

One of the so many serene and peaceful garden spots.

Both sons, Mikael and Raphaël, joined their mother in the business and as Mikael is a landscape gardener he is taking care of all the work that has to be done in the garden. He is even specialized in traditional Tuscan terracotta pots and planters. To visit his website, please click here.

In and around the shed where Mikael is storing his collection of planters.

A display of terracotta pots from Mikael’s collection.

Even in the garden Walda loves to work with colourful details, using bright colours as yellow and orange, violet and lavender .

It is such a pleasure to walk in the garden and to enjoy all the lovely corners with beautiful flower and plant arrangements created by Walda and her sons.

Besides the collection of Tuscan pottery, visitors are even offered beautiful antique vases and planters.


 “A harmonious relationship between home and garden is one of the characteristics of my work.”, explains the designer.

Let’s go inside…

This photo is taken through the half open Dutch door leading from the garden terrace into the greenhouse.

Bright colour hues seen throughout all rooms of the house, evoking feelings of happiness, optimism and energy.

The designer has an eye for grouping things together.

Cushions and throws enhance the cosiness and make of this room an inviting place to sit.

Walda is born with the skill of making vignettes and grouping together accessories with all kind of greenery.

Huge chimney at the conservatory.

Antique furnishings and wonderful displayed decorative items.

Orange, deep plum and poison green are still the designer’s favourite colours to brighten up a room.

Antique furniture around the fire place.


“I always try to arouse and to optimise people’s sense of beauty.”, says Walda.


Throughout the house visitors can enjoy Walda’s gorgeous flower arrangements. A feast for the eyes!

Each arrangement is different and unique, a beautiful mix of flowers and greenery.

One of my favourite corners with its large writing desk.

Beautiful antique gateleg table.

All kind of spheres, one of Walda’s favourite decorative accessories.

Silverware on a weathered oak coffee table.

I abolutely love the green leaves of common hop.

Neutral basic colours mixed up with hues of brighter colours.

The kitchen is always dressed up with various types of greenery.

 Feeling inspired again when leaving Walda’s home!

Every year again I am looking forward to see how Walda has decorated the table at the entrance porch of the house. Always so very inviting!


For more information and contact, please visit Walda’s website WWW.WALDAPAIRON.BE.

If you would love to see many more earlier posted pictures of Walda’s work, please enter ‘Walda Pairon’  in the search bar of my blog or click HERE, to see all related blogposts.



All pictures by me