Maybe you have seen my post of three weeks ago where I told you about my grapevine and the engravings of grapes I had bought. Here.

I told you how proud I was of my grapevine growing at the wall of our orangerie.

Our grapevine

The grapes

Well, so now I can show you our beautiful, delicious grapes!!!

We had 2 of these dishes filled with grapes!

They are not only very delicious, but they are so beautiful to decorate!!

Here you can see them on the cabinet in my kitchen.

And every time one of us is passing, we can not resist the temptation!!!

And the engravings are framed now and hung in our orangerie.

This picture is not so good, but later on I will show you the etchings again when I do a post about our orangerie.

Have a wonderful weekend,