Thanks to Little Augury, today I received the Kreativ Blog Award!! This is my first award and I am so thrilled getting this award from Little Augury! Thank you so much!

So I was asked to post 7 things that you might not know yet of me! And I am supposed to nominate 7 blogs to give the Kreativ Blogger award.

So here I start with the 7 things about me :


1. I am a real animal lover.
Here you can see my dog Ralph, a cavalier king charles.

If I had more time to be at home I would have a lot more animals. They can give you so much joy and love!!




This is Carol, she is the mare of our neighbours. And every morning she is waiting for me to bring her some bread.

She knows me that well!

2. My home is my castle. I enjoy being at home!

In the weekends I can enjoy every corner of my house just sitting in the sofa reading a good book or redecorate some places…

My home.
3. I am a family woman.


I love to invite family and friends!
And gathering with them around the table!

Tablesetting is as decorating to me.

Guests on a summerevening this year at our home, from the left to the right: my niece Elise, my sister Inge, my husband Jan, me and my brother-in-law Dominique.


If our guests like to stay for a few days, they can sleep in our French styled guestroom.

4. I enjoy a good glass of wine. With moderation of course!

The wine cellar.

5. I am a reader! A novel, a history book, a book about interior

decoration or a magazine. Everywhere in my house you can find books! I am hooked on books!

Books on the shelves of my library.

Always books on my night table. At this very moment the title of the novel on my night table is “The townhairdresser of Amour”.

6. I am a collector of egg cups.



Every time we go on holidays or we do a citytrip, I bring with me an egg cup.

Egg cups from different cities on the shelf of my kitchen cabinet.


7. My preferred places to go to visit (and I will never get enough of them) are : the museum
of the Louvre in Paris and the Castle of Axel Vervoordt in Antwerp.

I could go on…!


And here are the 7 blogs I have nominated and which receive from me this Kreativ Blogger Award!









I am sure you will enjoy all of them!