Some of you do know yet that I run our company Lefèvre Interiors together with my youngest brother Stefaan.
My brother and me.

A few months ago, my brother needed to move his office to another area in our company buildings. But the only place available, was an old storage room!

The old storage room.
Sight 1 Before
So my brother asked me to make a proposal to renovate this place into his new office! A challenge of course!
So I started making a few designs and after my brother’s approval, we could finally start the production of the cabinetry in our workplaces.

Sight 1 After
We decided to leave the place open to the peak of the roof so that the construction beam was integrated in the interior concept.
The picture of sight 1 (above) shows the inside of the cabinet, where a lot of files can be hidden.

Sight 1 After

The wood we used for the cabinetry is european oak. And for the desk, we have chosen for a table in an exotic type of wood. And as hardware we used these furniture knobs.

Furniture knobs.

Sight 1 After
I love to use some modern lighting in an office room.

Sight 2 Before

On this side of the room we created the entrance door.

Sight 2 After

Sight 2
One of the oval windows on both sides of the door.

Sight 3 Before
To me an office needs to be very cosy because most people ( certainly my brother) spend a lot of time in this room. So to add warmth , I have chosen for a shade of orange for the lime paint on the walls and even for the blinds.
Our painter mixed the paint as long as he needed to become the same colour as the Belgian linen, chosen for the blinds.

Sight 3 After
Lime paint and linen blinds in a warm shade of orange.

Sight 3 After
On every wall there are seen spotlights.

Sight 4 Before

Sight 4 After
On this window you can notice wooden blinds. They provide a functional and a decorative feature to add warmth and variation. They filter the light in a subtle way.

Sight 4 After
My brother is a piano player and wanted to bring in the piano into his office.
So where there was the entrance door before, is now standing his piano.

On the outside.

The entrance to the office.

What do you think? Does my brother look happy sitting in his brand new office?