Because a lot of my readers wrote me they would love to see some pictures of my orangery, I decided to do a post of it.
However the interior of our orangery is not finished yet, we love to sit here! We have a wonderful view to the garden. And in the evening, before dinner, we usually take the aperitif here and after dinner we can watch televison if we want to. This place is a real family gathering room! Especially in wintertime it is so cosy sitting around the fire place!


The landscape that we can see from inside the orangery.



This is the entrance to the orangery from the terrace at the backside of our house.

The outside where you can see the steel windows.

That little window on the right is a window from my husband’s workplace, that is next to the orangery.



This is an antique French mantelpiece.
On the right you can see the door the the workroom of my husband. Also the wood for the fireplace we put in that room, so that we don’t need to go outside if it is very cold.


Above the door is a little window that we call an “oeil de boeuf”.

On the left side from the fire place is placed the television.


Do you notice my etchings (of which I wrote in earlier posts) hanging?
And above the mantelpiece I hung my antique neo-gothic mirror that I bought a few years ago.


The place is left open to the peak of the roof and so you can see all the oak beems that my husband placed all by himself!


This side of the orangery is the side towards our kitchen.
I decided to place a frame with small windows so that if the one of us who is cooking, does not loose contact with those sitting in the orangery.


Here you can see the doorway to the kitchen.


The sofa has a Belgian linen slipcover and next to the sofa is a stool that I found in L’Isle- sur-la-Sorgue in France.

This is the doorway from the kitchen towards the orangery.


In the kitchen we used an old carrara marble floor and in the orangery we used bricks!

In wintertime we put an antique Kelim rug on the floor, to bring in some warmth.

Even this chaise longue has a white linen slipcover.

This seat has a linen slipcover in the same colour as the colour of the curtains.
I also have a second slipcover for this seat in a red colour in case I want to change or if the slipcover needs to be cleaned.


This is the doorway to the terrace.
Next to the door a wooden ball.

This antique wooden ball is one of my favourite items in my house! The patine of the wood is just gorgeous! And I love the combination of the bricks and the wood.

This is the view towards the garden. We planned to start planting trees and plants next week! So next summer we will see the grass, the trees and plants growing !
I will show pictures of it in a later post.


Between the 2 windows a little console with a painting of my niece Sarah.
On top 2 terra cotta mascarons in a wooden frame.


Even for the curtans I used Belgian linen.


The design of our future garden I framed and now it hangs on the left corner of the 2 windows. You can see that on picture n°5.
I told you before that the interior of the orangery is not finished yet! We need to find a chandelier and a coffeetable that fits this place. At this moment we use 2 small side tables that we put together to have a coffeetable. You can see these on picture 5 and 6.
These side tables have a metal frame and a top in a parquetry pattern.
So I would be pleased if you would give your thougths about the coffeetable and the chandelier I should have to choose!