Today I would like to show you some pictures that I took from a bedroom that our company Lefèvre Interiors designed and which is finished right now. The room is paneled in walnut wood.
I am so sorry that I have no before pictures but I hope you all will enjoy the after ones.

Walnut paneling

This bedhead wall is divided in a large panel flanked with a mirror on both sides of it.
On the left you can see the entrance door integrated in the woodpaneling.
On both sides of the bed you can notice a night table.
A wall to wall wardrobe. Because of the rather small dimensions of the room, I designed a mirrored doubled door that creates the illusion that this room looks bigger.
That door is not a doorway to another room but behind it, is created a space for hanging clothes.
I have always loved the colour and the warmth that walnut wood can give to a room.

The bedclothes are made-to-measure and we selected a matching fabric for the upholstery of the bedtrunk.

This wall to wall wool carpet, which is very soft, we have chosen after a sample of a carpet that my client had discovered once in a hotelroom.
I have thought to put some cushions on that windowseat.
And the only thing left to do is choosing the right fabric for the curtains!

Later on I will show you pictures of the chosen curtains.
Images : Lefèvre Interiors