Here in Belgium it will be a wonderful long weekend! The weather will be great!!

So I am in the mood for relaxing in our garden !

And…time for a barbecue party!!!

This morning sunshine was early and I couldn’t resist taking some sunny pictures of our garden.

Foto 161 22 mei 2010 In earlier posts I told you about the landscaping of our garden we started last year and on which we were further working in spring this year.


Foto 165 22 mei 2010

As you can notice we are not finished yet!!!  In the picture above you see the spaces were we have to plant flowers. On the right site I would love to have a lot of old French roses, because roses make me happy! They do! And on the right site, close to the outbuilding I want something else. I am still looking to find the right flowers of plants.


Foto 156 22 mei 2010

We are so happy with the plane-trees we planted last year. Look at them now! They are still very young but won’t they be beautiful within a few years?

Foto 162 22 mei 2010

Now you can see where we will spend our weekend.

Foto 167 22 mei 2010

  I asked my friend Trish from TROUVAIS some information about roses because she is a rose lady and she knows a lot about antique French roses. You really should visit her post ANTIQUE FRENCH GARDEN ! Beautiful!

She was so nice mailing me a few of her favorite roses that I posted here beyond.

Thank you so much Trish!


trouvais 1 Trish her favorite is Madame Isaac Pereire, a pink Bourbon rose from the late 19th century. c. 1881

trouvais 2


Madame Ernest Calvat. c.1888

trouvais 3

Or white roses as

Tea Noisette Gloire de Dijon. c.1853

trouvais 5


Frau Karl Druschki

trouvais Frau Karl Druschki

So I will think about all these beauties and I will post you later about my choice!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend!