As a lot of you know, 2 times a year, in summer and in winter, the castle of ‘s-Gravenwezel, owned by our famous Belgian antiques dealer and decorator Axel Vervoordt, is open for public.

As I am a huge admirer of the work of Axel and his wife May, I won’t miss any opportunity to visit the castle.

I thought about you, all my readers and blogfriends, and wanted to share with you some pictures I took of the castle and its gorgeous garden! The weather was so beautiful this Friday, so I was able to take a lot of good pictures to share.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the castle, that we have to respect because Axel Vervoordt and his family live in it.

I hope you will enjoy the tour of this fantastic garden!

If you want to read more about Axel Vervoordt and his castle, please visit


Foto 388

The entrance gate of the castle.


Foto 288 The back of the castle.


Foto 334

The entrance.


Foto 350   A view seen from the balcony.


Foto 352

Another view from the balcony.

Every where around the castle you notice the beautiful rhododendrons.


Foto 333 A lovely terrace in front of the entrance of the castle.


Foto 299

Isn’t that a gorgeous orangerie?!!


Foto 295 Notice the wisteria!


Foto 290

May vervoordt loves to bring in flowers and plants inside the castle. In every room of the castle you notice flowers of their own garden.

Foto 307 A view from inside the orangerie towards the pool.


Foto 308

I call this a still life of stones.


Foto 309 There are the rhododendrons again!


Foto 313

Me, sitting in the outhouse (one of my favorite places in the garden) in front of the pool. A wonderful place to relax!


Foto 367Only a part of the huge kitchen garden!!


Foto 377 What do you think about the boxwood ? Beautiful isn’t it!


Foto 380

Foto 360

Every  where you walk you discover something surprising!


Foto 383 

Foto 294 

Foto 371 Throughout the garden there are places to relax…


Foto 358 …to dinner!


Foto 370


Foto 369 

Foto 363 A beautiful weathered oak table.


Foto 362

Foto 378

Foto 387

Foto 386  And after spending a fantastic afternoon and enjoying the castle and the garden, we had to leave the castle!

Thankful to Axel Vervoordt and his family for sharing with us their beautiful private home, I am looking forward already to the winter exhibition!


Foto 285


SignatureAll pictures are taken by me.