Following my previous post about orangeries, and because some of my readers were interested in the evolution of the outbuilding we started to build the previous year, I decided to give you a glimpse into our garden. I have to say that we started to the garden landscaping in october the passed year, so we (especially my skilful husband!) had done a lot of work the previous weeks and we have to do a lot of work in the coming weeks!!

Honestly, I was planning to show you some pictures of the building within a few weeks, when I would have been ready with the finishing touch of the decoration, but because of the demand of my readers, I couldn’t resist to post a few pictures of how it looks at this moment.

I promise you to post more pictures within a few weeks where you also will see the evolution in our garden.

For those of you who haven’t read my earlier posts about our outbuilding, you can go to see it here, here and here.

Maybe you will remember these pictures of last summer.


The start in July 2009 !

3  My husband is preparing the roof , ready to be thatched.


The thatching is going on (September 2009).


The outbuilding as it is today.

8 The planters will need a beautiful tree, maybe an old olive tree??

2Do you remember the oak table that Jan made for me?


Here she is!!!

The oak is beautifuly weathered, because the table has wintered outside.


16 An old sink of Belgian bluestone.


Within a few weeks when the weather is better, I will put the cushions in the chairs (show you pictures of it later).


The following pictures are all of the gardening we did the passed weeks.

9 You see that everywhere we have to put flowers and plants now!!



This very old boxwood plant was coming over last week from my mother’s garden! I hope this old lady (?) will enjoy living with us now!


19 The hydrangeas and the oleander are ready for summer!


And this last picture I posted especially for my neighbours Marie-Jeanne and Serge, who are helping us wherever they can with some good advice to gardening! This is their horse, named Carol, and she is grazing in the grazing land next to our home!

She is my favorite!!!

Well my friends , if you are wondering why there maybe are lacking a few posts of me in the coming weeks… you will understand… I will be gardening!!!!