Specialist in designing and creating new exclusive front doors ‘with the charm of the past and the comfort of today’.

That is what Atelier Schrauwen stands for.

Jef Schrauwen, is the youngest member of a Belgian family line of woodworkers (since 1890), who runs, together wih his father Eddy, the family owned business for the sixth generation !!!

When Jef entered the company, the future and further development of the firm kept him busy. He worked out a new strategy and decided to specialize in  creating new exquisite front doors ‘with the charm of the past and the comfort of today’.


I do feel a resemblance with Jef here. Entering our company years ago, I made the decision to specialize in paneling after 3 generations of furniture and cabinetmakers.


And I might think that Jef did not regret his decision because last year Atelier Schrauwen was honored with the award “Ambacht in de Kijker” (Craft in the picture), an award that was given by the Belgian Minister of small and medium-sized enterprises in order to promote the Belgian craft sector.

Foto 1Jef with his grandfather Jozef Schrauwen.


Over the passed centuries, professional pride and quality of the delivered work were central values. Jef was determined to keep this family tradition in mind.

That is why he decided to specialize in front doors and to strengthen his passion for craftsmanship.

So every front door is custom made and made to measure, according the historical style characteristics.These frontdoors are installed in citizen houses and in mansions as well as in castles, in abbey farms and in historical buildings.

Atelier Schrauwen’s clients do appreciate quality and authenticity and every customer gets a personal approach by the owners themselves.


Atelier Schrauwen has to replace damaged doors by new ones at the renovation of old houses or they have to make front doors for new build houses in any particular style as doors in the neo-classical style, eclectic style, art nouveau or art deco style, country style,…

Deur neo-klassiek 2-3 Neo-classical front door.

AS1 Eye for detailing.


Foto 3 Not a big machinery park but finding craftsmen is the biggest part of their need and concern.


Poort 1-4 Eclectic door.

AS2 Notice again the beautiful details!


Foto 2 Craftsman at work.


Deur Art Nouveau 1-1 Art Nouveau styled door. Craftsmanship all over!

AS3 Typical sweeping ornaments of the art nouveau style.


Deur landelijk 1-1 Country styled door.


Terrasdeur 1-1 Gorgeous terrace door.


For more inspirational pictures, please visit the website of Atelier Schrauwen here.

Foto 4 


‘A combination of centuries-old craftsmanship and 6 generations of knowledge with modern techniques, to guarantee the customer a front door for life.’ Jef Schrauwen.




Sint-Lenaartseweg 45-49

2990 Loenhout


Tel.:+32 3 669 65 23




A lot of you do know that I love to write about our Belgian craftsmen . I hope to be a good ambassador (in the blogosphere) of our Belgian companies, and especially of all the Belgian craftsmanship that these companies and artisans represent. I do hope that my blog will be a source for finding out more about our Belgian cultural heritage and I will do the best I can to introduce you to more of our Belgian craftsmen in future.

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So today I am very proud to have introduced you to Atelier Schrauwen, a company that definitely belongs to my collection of ‘Belgian Pearls’ .



All images with permission of Atelier Schrauwen