A beautiful door is as a beautiful piece of furniture!

If you are planned to build a new home, you can easily choose antique doors for your home! You can easily fit these doors in a house you still have to build. No problem, you can customize all the doorways to your chosen antique doors.

If you want to replace your existing doors through antique doors, it seems not always an easy job!

That is why a lot of our customers prefer to choose for new doors, which fit into the existing doorways of their home.

Each door that is made in the Lefèvre Interiors’ workshop is custom-made and made-to-measure.

Any size or style you desire, we are able to make these doors for you. Your doors can be created according the design plan of your architect or interior designer.

Very often people show or send us pictures of doors they found in interior magazines which they would love to see in their home.

Having an atelier with a team of craftsmen which are real professionals, causes not any problem to make the doors according to our client’s wishes!

Sometimes it happens that we have to make a door after an antique door that is present in the house for centuries.

Choice of the type of wood, profiles and patina are very important.

Lefèvre Interiors also pays attention to different styles of door fittings and handles.


Today I want to share some Lefèvre Interiors custom-made doors


Lefèvre Interiors 40 An oak double door integrated in a French Régence styled paneling.


Lefèvre Interiors 41 Detail of the above door. I love the French panel and trim profiles.


Lefèvre Interiors 15 Oak doors without a trim but with a steel jamb, covered in plaster.


Lefèvre Interiors 14 Detail of the above doors.


Lefèvre Interiors 11 An oak sliding double door.


Lefèvre Interiors 38

Different patinas can be chosen. The door above and the one below  is stained in a tobacco color.

Lefèvre Interiors 6

Lefèvre Interiors 37 Detail of the above door.

Lefèvre Interiors 20 The soft patina of the oak door of our bedroom is one of my favorite patinas.


Lefèvre Interiors 21 Detail of the above door.


Lefèvre Interiors 22Country styled oak paneled and glazed door in my kitchen (towards the mudroom and towards the wine cellar) with steel jamb covered in plaster. Grey weathered patina.


Lefèvre Interiors 23 Detail of our wine cellar door. Notice the profile detailing.


Lefèvre Interiors 9 Oak door with steel frame.

As I already mentionned, Lefèvre Interiors pays a l lot of attention to the appropriate door fittings and handles.


Lefèvre Interiors 34 Painted door in our orangerie with a steel jamb that is covered in plaster. Notice the skirting that extends on the door.


Lefèvre Interiors 35 Detail of the above door.


Lefèvre Interiors 10  Country styled oak boarded door.


Lefèvre Interiors 5


Lefèvre Interiors 4


Lefèvre Interiors 18 French LXVI styled oak double door with hand carved ‘guirlande’.


Lefèvre Interiors 19 Detail of the above door.


Lefèvre Interiors 2 Painted LXVI styled door integrated in a paneling.


Lefèvre Interiors 1


Lefèvre Interiors 3 Painted door with antique glazing.


Lefèvre Interiors 16 Painted English styled door.


Lefèvre Interiors 17 Painted door again with steel jamb and no door trim.


Lefèvre Interiors 7 English styled mahogany door with painted trim.


Lefèvre Interiors 8Detail of the above door.


Lefèvre Interiors 12A masterpiece. An English George III – styled door.


Lefèvre Interiors 36 Detail. Hand carved profiles.


Making of doors in the Lefèvre Interiors atelier.

Mosaic Lefèvre Interiors doors

I do hope you enjoyed this post about my company Lefèvre Interiors .

If you want us to make your doors, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@lefevre.be.

We will be pleased to help you!



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