As I told you in my earlier post, I was preparing upcoming meetings with clients these passed days and was browsing into the Lefèvre Interiors realizations file and found these pictures of an earlier library project.

The library is installed in a Brussels mansion and is designed in the British Regency style.

The bookcases are executed in mahogany, that was very popular in the early 19th century Regency style (1811-1820).


This was our initial design sketch.

Lefèvre Interiors design sketch


I remember me discussing about the Regency style with the home owner (the Regency style was his favorite design style) and we talked a lot about Thomas Hope (1769 -1831),  who was not only a Dutch and British merchant banker, author and philosopher but also an art collector.

Hope was eager to advance public awareness of historical painting and design and to influence design in the grand houses of Regency London. He began sketching furniture, room interiors and costumes.

In 1807 Thomas Hope published sketches of his furniture, in a folio volume, titled ‘Household Furniture and Interior Decoration’  , which had considerable influence and brought about a change in the upholstery and interior decoration of houses. Hope’s furniture designs were in the pseudo-classical manner generally called “English Empire”. It was sometimes extravagant, and often heavy. It was a  mixture of Egyptian and Roman motifs.


Household Furniture and Interior Decoration (cover)Book Amazon


Thomas Hope furniture and interiors

source here

2source here 


0ur client finally loved this design.

Lefèvre Interiors 012

Do you recognize the Egyptian and Roman motifs of Thomas Hope’s Regency design style?


Lefèvre Interiors 007

I do love the way the wood is stained.

Lefèvre Interiors 011

As you can see we are not only installing libraries in oak wood. We are able to work with the most noble types of wood, here at


Lefèvre Interiors 009

Lefèvre Interiors 015 

Lefèvre Interiors 008

Next time I visit Brussels, I really have to see my client to take some pictures of this finished library room!