Dear readers,

I would like to let you know that you are invited to the open house at the gallery of one of my favourite Belgian antiques dealers Didier Abbeloos. The Open House still runs until Sunday December 5.

Some of you will undoubtedly remember my previous posts about Didier Abbeloos (here and here).

This Belgian antiques dealer is known for his outstanding collection of antique treasures. Didier offers a variety of eclectic and quirky antiques from all over the world.

Last weekend I visited his gallery and as a foretaste to your visit, I would love to post some of the pictures I took.

The gallery’s Open House always offers its visitors a warm welcome.


I would like to start with these beauties. Real eye-catchers! A group of magnificent olive barrels from Puglia, Italy.

Beautiful colour and patina!

A group of fossils – ammonites from Madagascar.

Lamp mounted on a sawtooth fish base.

A corner of one of the gallery’s rooms showing furniture and antique collectables.

Bronze ritual Khmer vase and bronze horse equipment decorations, both Cambodia Khmer – 13thC.  – A pair of porcelain plates with fish decoration from Thailand – 16thC.

Notice this beautiful bronze Khmer gong from Cambodia – 13thC.

Another display of Asian objects.

Sculpture from South-East Asia, Khmer – 8thC. next to a work by the Spanish artist Lidia Masllorens.

Loved this vignette of a Han vase together with a Thai statue.

A portrait of Coco Chanel by the Spanish artist Lita Cabelut, living and working in the Netherlands. Lita has been named Dutch Artist of the Year 2021.

An art cabinet from Italy and an ivory potpourri box from India.

Torso in stone, Thailand – 16thC.

A pair of tortoiseshell frames – Spain 17thC.

One of a pair of table lamps mounted on a base of porcelain parrots – Italy.

We loved walking in the cozy orangery where a lot of decorative trinkets can be found.

Various pots and candlesticks.

Curiosities, woven baskets,…for all tastes.

I hope my pictures have aroused your curiosity and prompted you to visit the gallery one of the following days.


The gallery’s Open House still runs until Sunday December 5.

Monday until Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm

Weekend from 11 am to 8 pm


Visit Didier Abbeloos Antiques webpage at WWW.DIDIERABBELOOS.BE 

Follow Didier Abbeloos on Instagram or Facebook.


Wishing you a nice visit!



All pictures by me with permission of Didier Abbeloos.