Is your home ready for the festive season yet?

This past week I tried to get in the Christmas spirit at our home by adding decorative touches all around. And as every year, I like to share with you some pictures of it.

I’ve kept the outdoor decoration rather simple this year.

A Christmas wreath on both front windows.

Mistletoe on the front door.


 Christmas can’t be celebrated without a Christmas tree!

This year I’ve put up the tree in our sitting room.

Not majestic but a rather humble decorated tree this year.

Some more decorative touches in our sitting room.

Sitting room mantel decor.

Loving that candle glow!

What would Christmas be without candle light?

Started with Nobilis branches and mistletoe, and added Christmas ornaments and miniature led lights.


It is nice to see the Christmas tree from the dining room as well.

On the dining room table a vase with only branches of Pinus.

And candles of course…

The sound of jingle bells every time someone enters the dining room.


I catch myself having a weakness for orange-coloured candles this year. 🙂

Christmas vignette on one of the kitchen cabinets.


On our orangery mantel I have put a large arborvitae tree branch and a few pine cones.


I am ready for Christmas! I hope you are too!



All pictures by me.