Yesterday I attended an interior congress ( with the theme “Digital (r)evolution in the interior decoration sector.” Oh my gosh, what an evolution and revolution is coming our way!

I will not dwell on today because this would make this post too extensive. What I’ve learned is that the word-of-mouth is the most important way of advertising! People have to talk about your business or your company!! The best way getting to start people telling about your business is using social media as facebook, twitter or blogger. You have to give people the message about your business that you want them to know. They definitely will start telling about you in an active way and there will arise a “we” feeling between you and your customer or potential customer.

Of course you will read the positive as the less positive comments about your business! But our lectors at yesterday’s congress learned us that at the end you always have to make people talking about you in a positive way! So it is very important that you always reply to the comments people write about your business.

Make your clients happy! the lectors also emphasized.

For those who are interested in the lectors of the design congress :

JO CAUDRON, internetpioneer & online media specialist, manager of DEAR MEDIA and author of the book “Haal meer uit Social Media”.

STEVEN VAN BELLEGHEM, conversation manager at INSITES CONSULTING and author of the bestselling book “The Conversation Manager”.


I do know that a lot of you are using facebook and twitter already! I really have to think about that in future!


As a sequel to what I have written above I want to share with you today a blogpost that one of our clients wrote this passed weekend!

Saskia is the author of the Belgian blog “Life of a scrap-addicted little cat”.

A few months ago Saskia and her husband Philippe contacted us asking to design a wood paneling with built-in cabinets for their living room.

She did an amazing post about the process of the work! I was so flattered reading her post this weekend!!

In her blogpost Saskia tells her readers that our company LEFEVRE INTERIORS was her number 1 on her list of favourite companies to design and to execute this paneled wall!!

She posted ‘before and after’ pictures of the room.

1This is the final sketch of the wall.


2 Work in progress, paneled wall in our workshop.


3 Oak paneled wall with built-in cabinets in Saskia’s living room.


No need to say that this is the most wonderful way, and example of the above mentionned philosophy, to talk about our company! By sharing this post with her readers, Saskia starts getting her friends and readers to talk about our company.

Saskia mentionned in her blogpost that she and her husband Philippe are very happy with the result!

Thank you so much Saskia! We are so grateful to you!


Isn’t that a very nice example of the “word-of-mouth” in the “wor l d-of-mouth”  that is becoming ours today?!

Dear readers and friends, you would do me a huge favour to visit Saskia’s blog HERE and to leave a comment on her blogpost about the renovation of her living room.

“Just ask! People love to help. Certainly for smaller businesses.” is what Steven Van Belleghem, the lector of the design congress, explained us yesterday!

‘Just ask’. This is exactly what I do to you my readers! I would be grateful if you would leave a comment on Saskia’s post.

I do hope you all have learned something from my post of today!

Talk to you soon!