Only 2 days to go…!!! Next Saturday I will finally meet my blogfriend Brooke and her lovely family! I know that a lot of you do know quite a while that Brooke of the blog Velvet & Linen is coming to visit us! And I am so excited!

Jan, Anthony and me are so looking forward to welcome this family at our home!!

I met Brooke through blogging almost 2 years ago! She introduced me to the blogging community in August 2009. You can read the post she wrote about me and my blog here. I am still most grateful to her for this! Since that day Brooke and I started getting to know each other better and better and I do have to tell that it felt as we have known each other since a long time! We have so much in commun.

Some months ago Brooke wrote me that she and Steve planned to visit Europe with their family. And they definitely wanted to visit Belgium to get inspired by the Belgian architectural and interior design style as Brooke and Steve are preparing to built a new home with the beautiful name ‘Patina Farm’. They  would love to bring in some European architectural elements.

1Brooke, Steve and their children Charlie, Nick and Leila


21A 3 dimensions model of their new home ‘Patina Farm’.


20 The gorgeous site in Ojai, California where Brooke and Steve will built their dream house!

So I might think that Brooke and Steve will definitely be inspired by this kind of houses and reclaimed architectural materials here in Belgium

17 Reclaimed doors.

24 Oak door executed by my company Lefèvre Interiors.

So the Giannetti family will hopefully arrive before noon!

And we will of course open a bottle of champagne to celebrate our long awaited meeting!!


If the weather conditions will allow us, we will definitely take the apero in our outbuilding that Brooke is looking forward to see.



Can you see us yet sipping a glass of champagne here…?!


If it is too chilly, I will ask Brooke if she would prefer to take place ….

7 in our orangery or…

8…. if she would love to have the apero in our sitting area.

And after talking and discussing about…, oh my gosh,… so many things, we will invite Steven, Brooke, Charlie, Nick and Leila to have lunch with us.

3 I have to prepare the table setting in my dining room tomorrow!

16 I might think that Steve and Jan will go down to our wine cellar to choose a bottle of wine !

I will till you more about the lunch in a next post!! It has to be a surprise for Brooke and her family!

We are so excited to meet the Giannetti family! I do hope that they will have a safe trip to Europe!

And I will tell you more about our meeting next week!



I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!