Hello dear readers,

Do you love fall season as much as I do? It’s that time of the year when we make our home and garden ready for the upcoming winter, and when we start decorating our home with autumnal accents and when time has come to bring in the fireplace wood!

Even we are ended up in these strange times, I’m already looking ahead at the Christmas Season. More than usual, we will be forced to stay home and to spend time with our own family.

So, let’s start to prepare our home for winter time, making it cosy and warm!

Last week we did a lot of prune work in the garden and yesterday I started to redecorate our home decor. I swapped summer to winter throws and cushions, put the sheepskins in the seats, and brought in some fall flower arrangements.


Don’t you love this warm Chrysanthemum colour?

A simple fall bouquet with a Chrysanthemum, oak leaf branches and Panicuum grass.

I filled the tree trunk container with only oak leaves and some grass.

A bowl with walnuts, that won’t be filled for that long! 🙂

A bunch of rosehip in our library.

I have always loved to decorate with rosehip branches. A very simple, but a very lovely autumnal accent.

Less is more!


To end this post I would love to share with you these pictures from our garden.

Red vine growing on the backside of our garden house.

Fruit trees in our orchard right now.

This picture I took last week, just before we started to prune all plane trees.


Wishing you all a fresh start of this new Fall week.

Look around you and enjoy the seasonal changings. Each moment of the year has its own beauty.



Al pictures by me