As we had an Autumn photoshoot last week, I needed to prepare some fall decorations.

I love this time of the year when the bright summer colors start to mix with the deeper hues of fall.

I started to add small autumnal accents into the gazebo that had to be photographed.

This vase is filled with kangaroo paw (Anigozanthes) and oak leaf branches.

Candles were added to create a warm glow.

Brighter colors still outside, yet deeper hues of fall inside.

Just a simple autumn leaves bouquet. ‘Less is more’.

Another bunch of autumn leaves on the kitchen counter.

Colors matching the kitchen skirt and the marble floor tiles.

Again a mix of kangaroo paw and oak leaves, where is added some grass (Panicuum).

Besides leafy greens and branches, I also love to use fall fruits as decoration.

A still with quinces.

Love their color and whimsical shape!

Who doesn’t love the purple color of fresh figs?

An abundance of fall fruits on the outdoor table.

 Bowls filled with fall fruits mixed with red vine and acorn twigs.

Artichokes, pumpkins, chestnut and walnut husks.

At the moment we wanted to start setting the table for outdoor dining, it started to rain!

Anyway, the raindrops give this fall decor something special, don’t they?

Fall is such a wonderful season! Enjoy it and look for small accents and simple fall decorations to enhance your home.



All pictures by me