Today I’ll show you some images of a beautiful apartment in the famous Avenue Louise in Brussels, that we have renovated .

We have designed the dining room, the living room and the librairy corner.
Everything is made in the workingplaces of my company Lefèvre Interiors.
As you can see there is a double door between the dining room and the living room.
The dining room is painted in a beautiful red that is matching well with the colour of the mahogany wood.

On the side of the dining room the door is coloured, on the side of the living room, the door is painted.
I do like the two cupboard niches on each side of the door.

The warm colour of the dining room and the more peaceful colour of the living room are a good choice of bringing in together to my opinion.

In the same room there is a hidden doorway to the hall. So the moulding that is placed around the room, is following on that doorway. Sorry that I don’t have a better image of that doorway!

Her you see the side of the living room were the same double door is painted.
The height of the window ( where there is a radiator that we covered with wood ) was important for the height of the woodpaneling on the walls beside.

On the image above you can see the beautiful painted cabinet.
In the left corner you can notice the doorway and the fitting of the woodpaneling that is placed on the other wall.

On the left corner, again a door hidden in the paneling to achieve a symmetry with the right corner ,where is no doorway, but only a paneling.

And at least the librairy corner, where the chimney mantelpiece is flanked with open librairy bookcases in oak.

The mantelpiece is small but very elegant!

I hope that you have enjoyed my post of today?