As we have a long weekend here in Belgium and the weather forecast is very promising, we certainly will enjoy our garden!

Tomorrow Jan will finish some jobs that have to be done in our garden. He wil lay bricks for a flight of steps, add some gravel to the paths and will start the lay out of our vegetable garden! But that’s for tomorrow! Today we will relax and enjoy our garden.

So I decided to share with you some pictures of our garden I took the passed weeks.

We moved in our house 4 years ago (June 2007) and we are very pleased to watch growing all the flowers, plants and trees we planted the passed years.

1 juni 2011 005

These plane trees we planted Autumn 2009.

The old garden roses we planted in September last year.

18 mei 2011 005 Honorine de Brabant

18 mei 2011 006 Ulrich Brunner

18 mei 2011 007 Madame Isaac Pereire

18 mei 2011 012 Our hydrangeas (planted April 2009)are a bit late this year! I am so looking forward to their flowering!

The young fruit trees and hedges in our backyard are doing well. We planted them Autumn 2009.

Tuin 10 mei 2011 021 

Tuin 10 mei 2011 022 Apple trees, pear trees, walnut trees,…


Tuin 10 mei 2011 031 The lawn.

18 mei 2011 008 I so love this wall hydrangea at the façade of our house. (Planted in 2008)


18 mei 2011 002 Rambler Kir Royal (2008)

1 juni 2011 010 (2) And I am so proud of our grape-vine we planted in 2007 at the wall of the orangery! He is doing so well and gives us lots of white grapes!

1 juni 2011 007 (2) On both sides of the graveled path : ‘Aspirin’ rose.

1‘Aspirin’ rose.

1 juni 2011 018 View from the terrace.

I hope you all will enjoy this weekend!