At this very moment, writing this post, it is raining here in Belgium.
We are not very lucky with the weather this year. It is rather chilly at this time of year and a lot of rain is forecast for the next week. Nature is a little behind. Previous years we were spoiled with high temperatures already early in spring. The sprouting of trees, shrubs and hedges is now a bit later than last year.

 I am so looking forward to see everything blooming! Especially the plane trees along our garden path and all the roses, including the new planted ones.

We haven’t had that much sunshine in the last few weeks and I’ve had to rush to take some pictures in the sparse sunny moments over the past days.

Fortunately, the fruit trees in our orchard are already in good bloom!

Apple blossom. Isn’t it just beautiful?!

Privet hedges are doing well.

I wanted to see some colour anyway and bought already some colourful plants.

The garden table is waiting for its first guests.

Beautiful blossom of one of the container apple trees standing around the garden outbuilding.

Happy to see our grapevine starting to bloom.

The climbing hydrangea feels very happy in this shaded corner at the front side of our home.

One of the rose bushes. Can’t wait to see the first rosebuds.

Climbing Kir Royal rose at the back facade of our home.

Now we are only waiting for summer!!!