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With this blogpost Belgian Pearls tumbles into the new year and I do hope my future posts will keep you inspired!

Today I would love to talk about my visit to the studio of our Belgian painter Denis De Gloire. I have written about Denis and his work before, but today I wanted you to meet Denis in his studio/gallery in Waregem, Belgium.

I’ve known Denis for many years, and although we kept in touch, it was actually a few years ago since I’d met him.

When we were preparing a shooting for my new Belgian Pearls ‘Camellia Sofa’, and for some furniture pieces of Defleure, the company that is distributing my Belgian Pearls Home Collection, Denis was so kind to lend me some of his paintings to use in the settings.

I’ve always known Denis as a very kind and generous person and he hasn’t changed a bit!

‘Flowerball’ 95 x 95 cm – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen – in a shooting for Belgian Pearls – Camellia Sofa. – Photo credit Defleure Home Collection

‘Golden Boy’ 95 x 95 cm – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen – in a shooting for Defleure’s – Eleonore One seat. – Photo credit Defleure Home Collection


Denis De Gloire is an action painter who loves to play with colors. His works show influences from different painting styles, from pop art to geometric abstraction, from minimalism to color field painting.

Denis has devoted himself to painting for the last 17 years, although he has been painting since the 1980s. But at that time he destroyed all these canvases as he was young and inconsiderate and did not yet suspect that making paintings would become his main mission.

An underlying political or social message should not be sought in this painter’s work. Denis is a romanticus, a sentimentalist and whether he splashes paint with swinging movements on a huge canvas, or whether he creates a more subtle, precisely painted, geometric work, each of these works shares his passion and love for painting in itself.

Denis’ paintings are ‘open’. Their meaning is largely derived from the interpretation given by the spectator.

His work is resonating with art lovers around the world. In particular, his dip paintings are tasted and can be seen in a lot of internationally renowned art galleries.

Even with all the received attention, Denis De Gloire remains unpretentious and refuses to see himself as an artist, but as a painter, a craftsman ‘tout court’. He is proud of the technical knowledge, once gained as a student-painter working with his father.


Time to head to his studio!

Following pictures show the atmosphere at the painter’s studio.

A huge ‘drip’ painting Denis was currently working on at the time of my visit, was lying down on the ground in his studio.

Detail of this ‘drip’ painting.

Lots of treasures to discover!

Scraps of earlier made paintings.

Denis at work! Bringing on final touches.

The artist in his gallery, surrounded by his works.

I couldn’t resist to take a picture of his pants. A piece of art itself. 🙂

‘Dream in blue’ 90 x 90 cm (without frame) – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen

Notice the painted bottle of champagne!


‘Carré’ 77 x 77 cm (without frame) – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen

‘Blackshape’ 42 x 57 cm (without frame) – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen

I just love this gorgeous work, titled ‘Le Grand Bleu’, that is one of the paintings belonging to Denis’ private collection and that is actually not for sale.

 ‘Le Grand Bleu’ 20 x 30 cm (without frame) – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen

This small and rather unusual work, painted in 2015, and very appropriately titled ‘Black Moonscape’ caught my eye!

‘Black Moonscape’ 25 x 35 cm (without frame) – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen

Detail ‘Black Moonscape’


I feel very honored that Denis gave me the opportunity to present you here today ‘en primeur’ his first work of 2020, titled ‘Black Whisper’!

‘Black Whisper’ 115 x 115 cm – Acryl and mixed media on Belgian linen – Photo credit Denis De Gloire


Most of the paintings I showed you today are for sale. If you are interested in one of these works,

please contact Denis De Gloire at .

Latest book about Denis De Gloire and his paintings.


To discover more of this Belgian artist, please visit the website of Denis at :


Or follow Denis De Gloire on Instagram.


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All pictures by me, except otherwise mentioned  – All photos posted with permission of Denis De Gloire