Dear readers,

At this moment I’m working on ongoing projects, which require my full attention. Each of these panelled rooms or libraries do have their specific type of wood and wood finish, depending on the style of the room.

 I am currently searching for the perfect upholstery, drapery or mural fabrics and wallpaper to match with the design style, the wood finish and the decor of each of these rooms. Making the right choice to bring in the perfect fabric and/or wallpaper is of an utmost importance to achieve the desired room’s atmosphere.

Current panelled room projects by Lefèvre Interiors


Here are some of the combinations I already composed. All new made or antique panelling details you can see here in these pictures are made or restored at our Lefèvre Interiors workshop.

Wood panelling Lefèvre InteriorsLizzo drapery fabric

Wood panelling Lefèvre InteriorsGP & J Baker drapery velvet fabric

Wood panelling Lefèvre InteriorsMulberry mural fabric

Wood panelling Lefèvre InteriorsFromental wallpaper

Wood panelling Lefèvre Interiors – de Gournay wallpaper

Wood panelling Lefèvre InteriorsIksel wallpaper

 Detail door from antique panelling Lefèvre Interiors – Tassinari & Chatel upholstery fabric

Wood panelling – Wallpaper by Timothy Corrigan for Fromental

Wood panelling Lefèvre Interiors – Robert Kime upholstery ikat fabric

Wood panelling Lefèvre Interiors – Sanderson wallpaper

Detail door from antique panelling Lefèvre Interiors – Tassinari & Chatel upholstery and drapery fabric

Wood panelling Lefèvre Interiors – de Gournay wallpaper

Wood panelling Lefèvre Interiors – Braquenié wallpaper


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