Yesterday I redecorated some of the kitchen cabinet shelves. 

foto's 016


It feels so good to bring in spring blossom branches.

foto's 010 


I grouped some of my chinese celadon plates together with my Syrian vases.

foto's 035

Last week the painters painted the inside of my kitchen cabinet niches in a more ‘verdigris’ color . I love the new color in combination with the oak shelves and celadon pottery. Don’t you?


And I brought in a new slipcovered chair.

foto's 043

foto's 002

Libeco linen of course!

foto's 015


A few days ago we went to visit Jan’s daughter and son-in-law and their children Alexa & Tristan. Because they live rather far from our place, we don’t see them that often. So it is always so nice to visit them to see the grandchildren growing!!! And Alexa, who is almost 3 years now, has made us some beautiful drawings!

I scanned and resized them to fit in these photoframes.

foto's 038 Lovely isn’t it?


Tristan & AlexaOur sweetest Alexa & Tristan.


Alexa & TristanBrother and sister are hugging!


Jan & AlexaMy husband and his dearest granddaughter! 


Do you also feel these spring tickles?

To end this spring post, a beautiful saying :

“Spring is nature’s way of saying : let’s party!”

(Robin Williams)

Hope you will all enjoy this new week!



All pictures by me.