Hello dear readers,

Today I would like to update you about 2 projects I am currently working on.

The first project of which I am posting pictures here today is a French inspired library that is almost finished by now. I already posted about this library a few weeks ago. If you are interested in reading this earlier post, please click here.

The installation of the floor-to-ceiling oak panelling has now been completed, all paintwork has been done and the lighting fixtures have been installed.
Coming week the curtains will be hung, the furniture will be brought in and the open shelving cabinets will be decorated.

Panelled wall with French 18th C. chimney and trumeau. Reclaimed parquet de Versailles flooring.

Design and realization by our company Lefèvre Interiors.

Detail of the trumeau with antique French sconces, found at Vincent Lebbe Antiques.

Library cabinets are now awaiting books and decorative accessories.

One of the beautiful and exceptional single arm sconces, a reedition of an 18th C. sconce found at French company Mathieu Lustrerie, specialized in the reedition and the restoration of French chandeliers, lanterns, sconces and candle holders.

One of the panelled window casings.

The window espagnolette is a reedition of an 18th C. ‘coeur ajouré’ espagnolette and is supplied by Belgian hardware company Ram Hardware.

Wall to wall cabinet opposite the fireplace wall.

It wasn’t until yesterday that the lantern was hung. This beautiful piece is found at Vincent Lebbe Antiques.



The furnishing of a living room is a second project we are currently working on.

The installation of the English tudor style chimney panelling was completed last week.

Oak panelled chimney wall.

Design and realization by our company Lefèvre Interiors.

 The Tudor style chimney is new and hand carved by Pol Standaert.

A part of the panelling above the chimney will actually hide the tv screen.

A lot of attention was paid to details when designing this mantel wall.

Detail of the hand carved mantelpiece.

Another wall of this room showing the made to measure library cabinet.

Currently, we are working on a wall construction in order to have this window nicely dressed, complete with window seat.


I will come back to you with more pictures once both projects are fully finished.


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All pictures by me for Lefèvre Interiors