In an earlier post I shared some pictures of a client’s living room, paneled by our company Lefèvre Interiors.

As we finished the installation and the paneling patina, we started to decorate the room.

I already posted a picture of the chandelier we found for this room. Today you will see the other lighting fixtures and the first piece of furniture, chosen to enrich this living room.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (05) French antique chandelier and French LXV appliques.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (011)Antique French chimney piece with the French LXV-styled appliques above.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (08)This beautiful antique oak console table is the first furniture piece we brought into the room.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (06)I really love the bronze picture lights above this pair of 18th century French portraits.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (09)The piano is flanked by a pair of 18th century Italian sconces.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright (07)Antique Italian sconce.


Lefèvre Interiors copyright 0(10)Window shutters.


In a next post about this living room, I will post about  the window treatment and about the living room furniture.

Lefèvre Interiors copyright (013)All pictures by me for Lefèvre Interiors.


To be continued…


What are your thoughts about this room so far? I would love to hear!



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