Dear friends, I do know that you all have heard about the new interior design and lifestyle magazine MILIEU, coming out this Fall !

Earlier this year I posted about MILIEU and my contribution to the magazine HERE.

I try to help Pam Pierce, Houston based founder and editor of this new magazine, finding homes in Europe to be featured in MILIEU.

In order to introduce the magazine to potential advertisers, the team of MILIEU has produced a small issue of the magazine, the MILIEU ‘mini-mag’.

Milieu mag.1Picture source MILIEU ‘mini-mag’

Milieu mag.2Cover of the Milieu mini-mag   Photography by Peter Vitale

Can you imagine how thrilled I was to meet one of the most renown American interior designers in person !?

Since I started blogging and discovered the work of Pam, she became one of my favorite designers.

Previous week Pam and her daughter Shannon, who is also an interior designer based in Dallas, came over to Belgium to attend the photoshoot of a Belgian house.

We really did have a great time together! Pam and Shannon are wonderful people! It was so nice talking to both, mother and daughter. Besides interior design, we also talked about architecture, landscaping, family and food. I even learned about Tex Mex! Which is a mix of Mexican and Spanish dishes prepared in Texas-style. I do have to try this when I visit Pam in Houston!

Pam really is dedicated to her job and she knows a lot about European style !!!

Aren’t the pictures published in the MILIEU ‘mini mag’ just gorgeous? Very promising if you ask me!

Milieu mag.3Picture source Milieu ‘mini-mag’   Photography by Peter Vitale

For those who aren’t yet familiar with the work of Pam and Shannon, I posted some pictures of their design work here.

Pam Pierce 1One of my favorite rooms, designed by Pam Pierce. Source website Pam Pierce Designs  Photography by Peter Vitale

Pam Pierce 3A mix of old and new in the living room of Pam’s Houston house. Source Veranda Photography by Laura Resen

To see more of Pam Pierce Design, please visit her website at


Shannon Bowers 1Source website Shannon Bowers

Shannon Bowers 4Source website Shannon Bowers  Photography by Stephen Karlisch

To see more of Shannon Bowers Design, please visit her website at

Back to the photoshoot in Belgium.

Claude Smekens, which is a Belgian photographer, specialized in interior design photography, was asked to do the photoshoot of the house.

Photoshoot Belgium MILIEU Magazine Belgian photographer Claude Smekens making his debut for MILIEU magazine.

To discover Claude’s work, please visit his website at

When I contacted the home owners of this house, months ago, I was pleased to hear that they were so enthusiastic about having their house photographed for MILIEU!

I can’t wait to see the featuring of this house in the MILIEU magazine!

You will love the house, which is so beautifully decorated by the talented home owners.

Mosaic 1Belgian house  Mosaic pictures by me

I hope I made you curious about this new mag and hope that you all will subscribe to the quarterly print magazine MILIEU.

A huge thank you to the warm-hearted home owners for their hospitality and to Claude, who has done an amazing job by taking a wonderful photoshoot of this Belgian house to be published in one of the first issues of the brand new Magazine of Style MILIEU.

We are all looking forward to the launch of MILIEU this Fall !

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