Previous weeks I got a lot of emails from readers who were interested in our living room redo and who asked me when I would be able to post some ‘after’ pictures.

The very first post about our living redo dates from January 30th this year (see it here) ! Almost 7 months ago !

We are currently finalizing the decoration of the room. The passed days Jan took care of adding the picture lighting fixtures while I was thinking about the furniture and decorative accessories to bring in.

I have to admit that I am not finished yet with all the decoration of the room. That is why I only have posted a few pictures of the redo so far. More to come within a few days.


2I absolutely wanted to have placed again, the French painted commode, earlier seen in the living room.

This chest is made and finished after an antique piece, in the workshop of our company Lefèvre Interiors.

The patina of the commode looks wonderful with the gray finish we have given the wooden floor. To read more about the floor finish, read my post about it here.


1The decorated French commode against the custom made, bespoke paneling by Lefèvre Interiors. To read more about the paneling, please read my posts here, here, here and here.


3The painting above the commode is of the artist Jean-Marc Louis.


4Decorative accesssories


8  Gateleg table Bie Baert. Antique Italian sconces Garnier Antiques. All seating furniture Lefèvre Interiors.


5Antique French régence walnut chimney piece Cheminées Anciennes Jean Zunino.


7  Seat upholstered with Libeco linen. Balloon shade fabric C&C Milano. To read more about the window treatment, please read my post about it here.


9Antique Italian sconces Garnier Antiques. Window treatment by Patrick Ponseele.


11As you can see here in this picture, the room isn’t finished yet. I am thinking about which fabric to choose for the upholstery of these 2 French 19th century walnut armchairs I found in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (France), a few years ago.


I hope you enjoyed this living room redo update post ! More pictures later!




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