Dear readers, in my previous post I promised you an update of our orchard.

So here it is!

A walk in our small orchard is always a lovely experience. From spring, as the trees blossom, to October and November when we harvest the fruit, each month has its own identity. Every month, colors are changing and sunlight shining through the trees is different.

This truly is finding joy in simple things!

I prefer to walk in the orchard in the morning or in the evening when it is all so quiet and peaceful.

We have apple trees, pear trees, walnut trees, a plum tree and a cherry tree.

Our orchard is not big at all, but we absolutely enjoy the gifts of its trees.


Here is a picture of one of our walnut trees, which is for me one of the most beautiful trees ever. Look at its beautiful leaves!


Walnuts are growing well!


The fruit on one of our apple trees.


We planted this ‘Jacques Lebel’ tree especially for my mom because this is her favorite apple.


Fruits on one of our pear trees.


Our plum tree has had a hard time in recent years, but this year he is offering quite a bit of fruit.


And here our cherries that are almost ripe. We will have to hurry to pick them otherwise the birds will be ahead of us.


Entrance to our orchard in the evening sun.


Don’t forget trying to find joy in simple things!



All pictures by me.