Dear readers,

I’ve been so busy the past weeks and suddenly I realized I hadn’t shared many pictures of our garden yet this year, and we are in June already!

At this time of the year nature blossoms, everything is green and many flowers are in full bloom!

I really enjoy seeing our roses blooming, and love cutting them off in the morning to make fresh bouquets. It’s always a great pleasure for me to decorate our home with tiny bouquets of our own roses.

Every year again I am surprised by the lush growth of our ‘Aspirin’ roses, which stand along the garden path.

‘Aspirin’ rose


This Bourbon rose ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ we only planted last year. It is a large filled rose with a quartered flower shape and a soft pink colour.

Bourbon rose ‘ Souvenir de la Malmaison’


This picture of our last flowering peonies I took a few days ago. At this moment I’m enjoying their beauty inside our home. I wished peonies bloomed a little longer.

Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’


I am also very happy with our Oleander plants. Oleander has beautiful flowers (but be aware that it is a very poisonous plant – be cautious with children and pets) and has a long bloom period, lasting from early summer to early fall.


And here our favorite Kir Royal climbing rose! Every year again she gives our back facade and terrace that sublime summer feeling!


Aspirin roses along our garden path.


The plane trees create a shady place, enjoyable to walk when it is hot.


Picture taken on a sunny summer evening last week.


We love the plane trees very much because they add a southern accent to our garden.


This fence gives access to our small orchard, of which I will share photos later.

A garden requires the necessary maintenance of course, gardening jobs are awaiting us again in the next few days, such as pruning all hedges!


Enjoy this summer time and don’t forget to have your daily garden walk!



All pictures by me.