Dear readers,

We are already at the end of January and I really wasn’t able to find time to blog the past few weeks as I was working on current projects and in between I had to take care of the restyling of some of our clients’ homes.
Many of you will probably have seen on my Instagram account a few pictures of the redecoration of a client’s orangery.

On my blog today I would like to share some more pictures of the restyling.

Orangery restyling

I blogged earlier about this orangery and below you can see some of the earlier appeared pictures of this beautiful space that is regularly used as a family dining room.

Earlier appeared pictures   Photo credit Claude Smekens

Earlier appeared pictures   Photo credit Claude Smekens


Me, preparing decorations for the restyling.

A few new pieces of furniture were chosen and I brought in a lot of plants and flowers to give the orangery the look, worthy of its name.

The antique os de mouton armchair and Italian occasional table, both walnut, are new pieces. The 17th C. Italian chest was moved from the entrance hall to the orangery.

The armchair is upholstered in a dark violet velvet.

Oranges can’t be missed here! 🙂

I do love this gold finish French 18th C. candle holder on the dark coloured occasional table top.

Bouquets of flowers of course!

Violet and ranges of purple are always adding some drama to a room.

Bright colours create an instant feeling of happiness and a strong sense of energy.

On the dining table a large vase filled with willow branches, eucalyptus, clematis,…


 Eucalyptus parvifolia on one of the window sills.

Creating coziness by lighting the fire and placing candles all around.

A mix of blue & white china, candles, flowers and plants as decoration for the 18th C. French LXVI cabinet.

 Asparagus setaceus and asparagus falcatus on the other window sill. A bouquet of hyancinths on the other end of the table.

Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus setaceus

Some small details that can make the difference.

Orangery by night fall…

I hope this post brought you some inspiration for your own home decor.

I will come back to you soon with other projects I am working on.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!



All pictures by me, except otherwise mentioned.