Hello my friends! I am in the middle of moving furniture all around the house, because next week the painters will arrive to repaint our orangery! I wrote about our orangery in an earlier post HERE. We really enjoy sitting in this place, gathering around the fire place with family and friends! It is almost 4 years ago since we moved in our home and some places, as the orangery, really need to be repainted. When we moved in, we painted the walls of the orangery in a flat grey color but I am done with it at this moment! I really wanted something new…! Jan and me have decided to paint the walls in a lime wash painting.

Here are two pictures of how the orangery actually looks like.

foto's 026Photo credit : Jo Pauwels for Beta-Plus publishing

foto's 027Photo credit : Fotografie Claude Smekens

The passed weekends, I was browsing through my collection of BETA-PLUS books to find some inspiration for this orangery redo.

foto's 005

Mainly in these 3 titles of the Beta-Plus publications I found the most suitable images to explain the painters what I really wanted the walls have to look like :

COMPENDIUM COLOUR & TEXTURE  (to see a preview click HERE)



foto's 007

To choose the exact paint color, we have to take a few elements into consideration :

The lime paint has to match the color of the oak roof construction,

foto's 015

has to match the brick stone floor,

foto's 013

and has to go with the black colored steel windows.

foto's 038

foto's 002 I definitely want to use again linen fabrics for the window treatment and the sofa upholstery.

foto's 008

Actually I love the earthy color of these antique chinese vases in my kitchen and…

foto's 009

… the sandy color of this antique Syrian vase.

foto's 006

Believe it or not, this will be the basic point to determine the exact lime wash paint for the orangery walls!

foto's 010

This sample of the Belgian Libeco linen is beautiful!!!! A mix of earthy and beige tones!

Wonderful together with these lime wash paint tones! Isn’t it!

Lime wash paint 2

Lime wash paint 1

Our painter promised me to mix and match the color of the lime wash paint, during the application next week, untill he will become the exact, required color!! Great isn’t it? So,that gives us the possibility to even change the color if we don’t like it!

foto's 040 The chosen color needs to have tones which are present in the pointing of the floor bricks,

foto's 041 and which are seen in the oak ceiling beams,

foto's 039 and seen on the chimney piece of the orangery!!!

Because the orangery is in connection with our kitchen, as you can see on the picture here below, chosen fabrics and painting have to go well with the kitchen color palette.

foto's 029Photo credit : Fotografie Claude Smekens

I have chosen for this Libeco linen sofa upholstery, that is for sure!

foto's 004

We decided to not change the window treatment fabric because it has to match the black steel windows.

foto's 016

The slipcover of the existing 2-seats sofa will be changed into the chosen Libeco linen color as shown above.

foto's 028 Photo credit : Fotografie Claude Smekens

On the other side, in front of the 2 windows, I have chosen for a new large, straight sofa (upholstery in the same fabric as the 2-seat sofa).

I can’t show you a picture of it, because it doesn’t exist yet! The sofa will be new-made for us! But it will look a bit as the sofa on the image here below.

foto's 025

I love the combination of a large coffee table in front of a large straight sofa!

foto's 011

I will tell you more about the choice of furniture and decorative items in a later post about the orangery-redo!


foto's 037

I do hope that our dog Ralph will love the new look because the orangery is also his bedroom at night!

Talk to you soon!