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Today I would love to tell you some more about a beautiful kitchen cupboard cabinet, part of a kitchen project we are currently working on at our company LEFEVRE INTERIORS.

The design of the cabinet is inspired by the 18th century Dutch cupboard cabinets, as seen here in the architectural pediment, display area and drawer section.

The cabinet consists of an open shelving area with a drawer unit underneath. On both sides, a built-in fridge will be hidden behind a long door.

Actually, the cabinet front is not only bowed, it even has a serpentine shaped front, having a horizontal compound curve with a convex section between two concave ones.

This is our exploded drawing, a technical production plan – that is drawn up for each and every project we have -, a complete list of all defined parts of the cabinet, a construction guide, handed over to our cabinetmakers at the workshop. The spare parts defined on this exploded plan are all numbered.


Let’s take a look at the kitchen cabinet in progress at the workshop.

Drawer unit in progress

One of the oak and curved drawer fronts

Front view of one of the drawers in progress

Drawer unit completed

Drawers awaiting the drawer pulls

On this picture and the picture here below you can see the serpentine shaped cabinet front.

Detail of the cabinet in progress

Cabinet corpus (body) executed in pine wood

Kitchen cabinet so far

Cabinet pediment (including storage units) in progress

Taking over the correct shape of the serpentine cabinet front on a piece of wood, in order to hand over to the architectural hardware company, that has to create the perfect rod for the cabinet ladder. As this cabinet is quite high, our customer will need a ladder to open the doors of the storage cabinets integrated in the cabinet pediment.

Cabinet rod shape taken over on a piece of wood

The cabinet doors will now be made. The selected oak wood is already waiting!

On this kind of mood board here above you can see the hardware chosen for the drawers and cabinet doors as the type of the iron ladder rod that will need to be curved, following the shape of the cabinet front.

The only thing left to be decided by our client is the cabinet’s oak wood stain and the casein patina color for the open shelving part. We would love to see the shelving area painted in one of the colors chosen from the 18th C. color chart.


We are very grateful to our clients for this exquisite assignment and very respectful to our craftsmen, artisan cabinetmakers, for their expertise, dedication and passion that undoubtedly will bring this project to a successful end!


To be continued…

Posting more of this master piece soon!


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All pictures by me for Lefèvre Interiors