As our company Lefèvre Interiors has its annuel holidays starting at the end of next week, we are very busy finishing projects.

I love to share with you today a ‘before and after’ situation of an oak paneled wall in a living room.

Some people might think that a room has to be completely paneled to be beautiful, but it doesn’t !

Having paneled only the fireplace wall is definitely adding to your room a cozy and charming feeling.

Lefèvre Interiors 1Before

Lefèvre Interiors 2-1Construction in workshop Lefèvre Interiors.

Lefèvre Interiors 2-2Construction in workshop Lefèvre Interiors.

Lefèvre Interiors 3After

I love the combination of the painted part of the wall with the oak paneling and built in bookcase.

We do need to find the right decorative accessories to complete the look, but I thought it was worth showing you the living room as it looks right now.

Wishing you all a nice weekend!



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