Dear friends and readers, today it is my 3rd blog anniversary!

I have such a great time blogging and have met so many wonderful people! Some of you became really good friends. I want to thank everyone of you, from around the world, following my blog!

I sincerely thank you for the fine comments on my blog posts and for the support I receive from oh so many blogcolleagues! I do hope you will understand that I don’t have time to comment all of your blogposts (I wished I could!), but I do the best I can to reply to all the emails I receive from you (being one of my readers or blogcolleagues).

THANK YOU  my readers and colleagues for all your support and for being loyal followers of Belgian Pearls!

Today I posted some random chosen images of earlier blogposts and of which I do know you loved them.


9Orangery of Axel Vervoordt (Picture by me).

4Orangery Garnier Antiques (Photo Credit Claude Smekens).

12Terrace at my home (Picture by me).

20At my sister’s home (Photo credit Montse Garriga).

13Our orangery (Picture by me).

14My library (Photo credit Claude Smekens).

21My sister’s orangery (Photo credit Montse Garriga).

15My home (Photo credit Claude Smekens).

From my home to yours : this virtual bouquet of roses!


Without all of you ‘Belgian Pearls’ wouldn’t survive!

IMG_6623Bouquet of roses at my home (Photo credit Efie De Grande).