When I was passing through a few blogs today, I saw a lot of images about the blogger himself and his family.
So I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to our family.
Here we go …


This is our family : my son Anthony, my husband’s daughter Nele, my husband and me.


My husband Jan and me


Me and Anthony



Anthony is 13 years old and he is so proud te have already a godchild….



…Alexa, who is the daughter of Nele.

Alexa was born on May the 4th last year.

Alexa her 1st anniversary. With dad Tom and mum Nele.

My husband with his beautiful granddaughter.


All together on a sunday walk….(my husband was taken the picture).


Our sweetest Alexa just a few weeks ago.

And last but not least, our beloved dog Ralph!