Longing for summer

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Longing for summer

It just won’t stop raining here in Belgium. At this very moment it is even hailing! Every now and then the sun tries to peek through the clouds but weather forecast for the next days doesn’t promise much good. No many signs of sunny weather around the corner yet. I am so longing for summer! I can’t wait to see flowers blooming and to bring in bouquets of flowers from our garden.

This morning I was browsing my copy of the Spring 2014 issue of MILIEU Magazine to re-read the article about the house in Belgium, near Antwerp, in which the crew of MILIEU was interested to have it featured in their brand new magazine (I was very honored to be asked to accompany the MILIEU crew the day of the photoshoot !). And of course, I was delighted to see the house featured in the MILIEU Spring 2014 issue (here). Belgian photographer Claude Smekens captured, more than expected, the way of living of these lovely and creative home owners (and dear friends of me), an opera singer and an art historian and painter. Both are art lovers and love all things 18th century. They do enjoy living in their beautiful home on which they spent years to have all architectural and interior design details the way they had in mind.

The photos of the house reminded me of that beautiful sunny summer day of the shoot and of all the blooming flowers in the garden and the summerly tiny flower bouquets inside this house.


Source MILIEU Magazine Spring 2014 issue   Photo credit Claude Smekens Fotografie

Although the house interior is absolutely one of my favorite interiors, I’m not intended to talk about the interior design of this house today. I rather would focus on the blooming flowers outside and the lovely tiny bouquets the homeowners brought inside their home.

If you would love to see more of this Belgian home interior, please contact MILIEU Magazine to get your copy of the print edition of this issue or if you prefer to purchase the digital edition of this issue, please click here.

Doesn’t the façade of this 18thC. inspired home, with the blooming wisteria, look gorgeous?


Photo by the homeowners

What a wonderful place to have dinner for two !


Photo by the homeowners


Photo by the homeowners


Photo by the homeowners

 Blooming rhododendrons in the garden.


Photo by the homeowners

Again blooming rhododendrons along the driveway.


Photo by the homeowners

Let’s step inside.


Photo by the homeowners

In the entrance hall the vase with flowers welcomes us to the house.

20 Claude Smekens Fotografie

Photo by Claude Smekens for MILIEU Magazine

The following pictures show us tiny bouquets of flowers brought in every where inside the house.


Photo by me


Photo by me


Photo by me

I absolutely love these small indoor orange trees in pots.


Photo by me


Photo by me


Photo by the homeowners


Photo by the homeowners


Photo by me


Photo by me

I do hope my today’s post inspired you to fill your home decor with tiny bouquets this summer.

Yes, I am longing for summer, and I can’t wait to bring my friends in Antwerp a visit !



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  1. Veronique Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 10:14 PM - Reply

    Summer where are you? You’ve captured the longing for wonderfuly!! Lovely read vx

  2. Michele@hellolovely Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 5:01 AM - Reply

    What a glorious tour of Belgian style bliss, Greet. I remember this issue well and love your involvement with Milieu–such a breath of fresh air in the design world. Sorry about your weather! I am in paradise at the moment…the Arizona desert where it is sunny every day and temps hovering in the 80s. Peace to you.

  3. Alice Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 2:26 PM - Reply

    Oh I wish the pictures could be enlarged to get a better look as what I was able to see in the very small pictures was beautiful.

  4. franki Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 3:45 PM - Reply

    I’ve re-read my “Milieu” in my swing, in the car, etc. SO LOVELY! What a treat to see all the “live action!!” It is raining here in Central Virginia, too…although, this has been a splendid year for rhododendrons in full regalia!! franki

  5. Theresa Graves Friday, May 6, 2016 at 4:01 PM - Reply

    Your blog always brings me peace and happiness! Never get tired of your photos…especially the interiors.

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