Today I am back with an update of our living room redo.

Many of you emailed me to ask about the treatment of the floor and how to achieve that finish. I really hope that you all will understand that this is a delicate matter, since this is a trade secret of our craftsmen. Over the years our employees invested so much time and worked so hard on the perfection of wood treatments. It shouldn’t be fair of me to send this, just like that, into the world.

I do hope you will understand!

In my latest update post (HERE), I told you that the montage of the paneling was almost finished and that our employees only had to add the skirting boards, chair rails and corniches.

So this was all done last week.

2Davy was adding all skirting boards.


copyright Lefèvre Interiors www.lefevre.beInes was adding the chair rails…


3…and was adding corniches, even with closed eyes! Haha!!


This is how the room looks like today.

1The trumeau is awaiting antique mirrored glass. I still haven’t found the perfect antique glass!



7The double door towards the dining room will be given the patina of the paneling.


Jan and me are very pleased with the integrated secret doors.

9Secret door towards the library.


12Secret door towards the entry hall.

Standing in the entry hall, you won’t notice any change at the existing double door.Secret door 1Opening the door from the entry hall into the living room.


Secret door 2Secret door in the living room.


Next week the artist-painter will start to bring on the patina! I am sure this will change the room completely!


Color paletteMeanwhile, I am trying to find the perfect combination of window treatment fabrics and the different possibilities of the wood patinas.


To be continued…





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