I promised to keep you updated about our living room redo. Today I will show you the progress over the past two weeks.

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Past week the parquet floor was treated to give it a gray weathered look.

1The natural oak boards flooring before.

This is how our parquet floor looked like after several treatments.

2After : the grayed floor.

What do you think about it? Do you love the look? We are very pleased with the result.



So far the parquet floor.


Previous Monday our employees started the montage of the paneling in our living room.

005Plan with the assembly instructions.


Start on Monday morning


Pretty exciting to see the trumeau coming in!


Some years ago we found the French 18th century walnut mantel in southern France at CHEMINEES ANCIENNES JEAN ZUNINO.


2013-03-01_105320I do hope to find antique mirrored glass for the chimney trumeau.

If someone of you does know an address in Belgium where I could find antique mirrored glass, I would appreciate if you would let me know.




Continuation on Tuesday


Notice the secret door towards our library.

We do have to ask Peter van Cronenburg for his help to choose the right doorlocks and hardware for the secret doors.

I love this doorlock and handle of Peter’s collection.

2013-03-01_105717Image source Peter van Cronenburg Architectural Hardware



Paneling with integrated secret door towards the entry hall.




The existing double door towards the dining room will be given the same patina as the one of the paneling.

We are still thinking about the color of the patina! It is really hard to choose!

PatinasExamples of patinas which will have to give the room an 18th century atmosphere.




Lighting fixtures and picture lights will be very important to create the intimate atmosphere.











So many things still to think about! As the choice of the window treatment.

Window treatment


This morning (Friday)


A meticulous job to add the paneling around the arched door.


Next week our employees Ines and Davy will continue the montage of the paneling and  they will have to add skirting, chair rails and corniches.

To be continued…


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Enjoy the weekend !