Did this ever happened to you? That right from the very first look at a piece of furniture, a work of art or whatever, you instantly and spontaneusly said : ‘Wow! This is it! This is beautiful! That is something I love!’

That ‘wow feeling’ was exactly what I experienced not that long ago, when I came across a painting by Washington DC based abstract artist Leslie Archer. Discovering that particular painting, titled ‘Shine’, did make me want to see more of her work and I immediately popped over to Leslie’s website. And yes, I was totally smitten, I loved all of her work, one painting by another. Leslie’s work is fantastic. I do love the glow of silver and gold, the magical aura of light to feel in her ‘horizons’, the silence and peace that her ‘white’ painted canvases radiate and Leslie’s love of nature she tries to express in all of her paintings.

For the most part Leslie paints with acrylic. She layers her work (between 10 to 20 layers of colour) to give the canvas depth and dimension.

Her entire life Leslie has been surrounded by design as she grew up in a family with accomplished and talented artists, designers and photographers. And Leslie herself was spending most of her free time with a paint brush in hand. After having worked in finance for nearly 20 years, she decided to start painting at a large scale.

Leslie is very much inspired by nature and one of her favorite things is hitting the beach, together with her mother, sitting there for hours and hours, with the ocean in front and the sand at their feet. She even has a passion for interior design and loves browsing stacks of magazines to find beautiful designed furniture and interiors. The work of interior designers inspires her as well. When she is looking at stunningly beautiful rooms photographed on a magazine’s page, she pictures in her head what her art would look like in that room. She tries to imagine what mood she would want her art to create in that room, and starts to translate that mood into her painting.

Leslie whispered that she is currently working on a black & white series inspired by a design of Windsor Smith she fell in love with! Can’t wait to see!

‘I just love painting. I love the exposure that I have to wonderful design and can’t wait to get back to my canvases when I see anything beautiful.’ , tells Leslie Archer.

 Her work can now be found in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Let me introduce you to some of Leslie’s paintings.

Leslie Archer  – Rolling Fog  36″ x 48″ – Acrylic / Canvas

That painting gives this room a beachy feeling! You almost can feel the ocean in this painting! Love this picture as it reminds me of long summer days on the beach.

Leslie Archer – Night Glow  36″ x 48″ – Acrylic / Canvas

‘Night Glow’ above Suzanne Kassler’s Lille Bench .

Leslie Archer in her studio, working on one of her large scale canvases.

Leslie Archer – Gold Coast  48″ x 48″ – Acrylic / Canvas

Love the setting here!  Leslie’s painting ‘Morning Glory’ together with The Lille Bench by Suzanne Kassler for Hickory Chair flanked by a pair of leather upholstered 1859-01 chairs by Lee Industries . Art definitely brings a home together.

Leslie Archer – Harmony  48″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas

A large scale painting is making a statement and is adding a touch of glamour to any space. Leslie started to paint large scale canvases as she noticed that a lot of her favourite showrooms were using large canvases and she loved the balance that the art was providing the showroom vignettes.

Leslie is accepting your personalized, custom order.

Leslie Archer –  24″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas

“The only thing more fun than one piece of original art is two.”  Leslie Archer

The colour palette of the chosen works of art in this room combines wonderfully well with the upholstery fabric of the Verellen sofas.

Leslie Archer – Shine  48″ x 48″ – Acrylic / Canvas – The canvas that introduced me to Leslie Archer’s work.

I am so very happy to have this piece of art by Leslie hanging in our home. It is a smaller version of ‘Shine’, the very first painting by Leslie, I discovered. I love the aura of light in this work a lot!

Again here the adorable Leslie @ work.

Leslie Archer – Aurum  48″ x 36″ – Acrylic / Canvas

Many layers of silver and gold paint make the canvas glow.

Leslie knows exactly how to create a mood in a room by adding that particular work of art from her collection. I absolutely love the light and the warm gold colours to see here in Leslie’s work, titled ‘Creation’.

Leslie Archer – Golden Child  48″ x 36″ – Acrylic / Canvas

Isn’t that a gorgeous painting!

I am even totally smitten by Leslie’s abstract figures!

Leslie Archer – Abstract figures  48″ x 36″ – Acrylic / Canvas

I almost can hear someone playing the piano and see the painting’s figures dancing to the music.

Leslie Archer – Abstract figures  48″ x 36″ – Acrylic / Canvas

I do hope you enjoyed my today’s post about this talented artist and her fabulous work!

Abstract artist Leslie Archer sitting in front of some of her works.


Time to put one of Leslie’s paintings on your Xmas-list?

Contact Leslie HERE , I am sure she will be pleased to help you!

 Leslie’s paintings are also sold through select design resources, including Pure Home Collections, the design shop of her mother in Frederick Maryland.

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All photos of website and instagram page of Leslie Archer – posted with permission of the artist.