It’s been about a month since I posted pictures of our garden. (See my earlier post here.)

We are already mid-May and a lot of changes occured since this latest garden post. I thought you might like to see some pictures of our garden in full spring glory.

Our plane trees got so many leaves and the beech hedges turnt from brown to bright green.

Did you notice that little bird sitting on top of the garden urn? So cute! 🙂

The Aspirin roses alongside the garden path will start to bloom very soon.

Aspirin rose buds.

 Bourbon roses, as this ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’ rose, are opening their buds slowly and elegantly.

Snow White roses.

I can’t wait to see our peonies blooming!!! A few more days of patience!!!

Our peonies!


Hedges will need to be pruned soon! Lot’s of work to do!

Our orchard fruit trees (cherry, plum, apple, pear and walnut trees) are doing well!

Climbing hydrangea started to bloom!

Our Wisteria in full bloom!

Love it!

Also the bees enjoy our Wisteria!

Unfortunately our rhododendrons do not bloom lushly this year, but anyway I do enjoy the beauty of the flowers that they give us right now.

Bought this small Adriatic Bellflower plant in the garden shop.


I love to make tiny bouquets or creations from the flowers our garden is offering today.

Flowers from your own garden do offer an added value to your home decoration.

And they definitely bring color and that ultimate spring feeling into your home!

I really can’t wait to bring our own peonies inside! I do need some more days of patience.

In expectation I bought this bouquet of peonies at the flower shop yesterday.

I want to end this post with this simple bouquet of wild flowers and greenery found on street sides and edges during a walk in the countryside.

Just look around you to see what nature has to offer!

Wishing you a nice weekend!



All pictures by me